Sorry Twitterati, long status ahead. I just read the farewell post on the Freedom Scientific blog for Jonathan Mosen. First of all, the amount of ass-kissing going on there is stunning. Second, it’s yet more evidence of the “Good Old Boys” network effect that goes on all the time in the assistive technology business, and I think maybe it’s time we have a discussion about that in this community. How many average blind people working in the assistive technology field do you think would receive a fawning farewell like that? How many people working for Freedom Scientific support? And all of this says nothing about all the questionable choices Jonathan’s made in a professional capacity over the years. I think maybe we need to have some discussions about those too, specifically about the kind of public behavior we expect from our community leaders. In short, this whole thing feels very wrong to me and it pisses me off that, as long as you kiss the right ass in the assistive technology business, you can expect your employer, even former ones, to handle your publicity for you.
Playing around with the hosted version of Aperture. So far I’ve only added one feed. For the time being it shows zero entries, and I’m not sure if Aperture waits for there to be something new instead of pulling in what’s already in the feed. Guess I’ll find out. I have Indigenous installed on my iPhone and am looking forward to being able to read and respond to RSS content.
I’m 11% done with Control Alt Revolt! by Nick Cole and I really want to tell this author to go to his room and think about what he’s done. “The firewall was intense”, what the hell does that even mean? And the open source haterade. God, the open source haterade. I mean look, if you’re going to blame everything on open source, (in this case, the world ending), maybe you might want to put a little more research in before hating on it, because so far the only thing that keeps coming up is “They were using this open source thing that had a security hole.” Come on man, do better. Oh and the disability tropes. This guy needs to be slapped just for the blind character who doesn’t use a cane and apparently counts her steps from her home to the bus stop to the employment office back to the bus stop and Oh my God just talk to a blind person, you moron. And no, I don’t mean Clicky McClickerson, because that would just make it worse. I’m going to finish this, because reading challenge, but this is ten hours of my life I will never get back.
Trigger warning: Friendly reminder to the men in my life concerning the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and their surrounding aftermath: As a survivor of multiple sexual assaults, I am watching and listening to everything you say, and that includes the things from others you share. If you haven’t commented or shared at all, you’re fine. If you’ve commented or shared anything along the lines of “I don’t know if she’s telling the truth or not, but this should be taken seriously and she deserves to be heard and I will make up my mind once they both testify”, you’re fine. If you’re commenting or sharing along the lines of “I don’t believe this particular allegation, but I’m aware that there are sexual assault survivors in my life who are probably being retraumatized by all this so I’m going to refrain from shitposting,” you’re fine. But if your comments or shares are anything like what we’ve all seen from some conservative pundits, senate staffers, senators or the president, you are not fine and we are not OK because you have irreparably damaged whatever relationship we may have for the sake of clicks, shares and retweets. You have demonstrated that you should never be trusted with anything of this nature, whether it’s a report of sexual assault by someone you love, or anything having to do with the resultant trauma and retraumatization. I know what it’s like to have a man cover your mouth to stop you from screaming for help during a rape or attempted rape, because it’s happened to me and you never forget it. You never forget the feel of his skin, the fact that you can’t breathe, or the fact that you are absolutely terrified. The details of your surroundings and the surface you’re being pinned down to are burned into your brain and become part of your firmware. I know what it’s like to be afraid to fly because you’re afraid of spaces you can’t escape from. I know what it’s like to have stressful situations worsen that fear, and I know what it’s like to be able to deal with it most of the time. I knew what was coming before I even finished reading the original headline Monday, and I have not been proven wrong. In fact, I have been proven right in spades. And I can look forward to this all being played out again, because for all the protestations by men that they really do care about sexual assault survivors, and that they really do care about people who commit sexual assault paying a price for it, when the rubber meets the road, (otherwise known as someone on their favorite political or religious or community team is accused of sexual assault), the gloves come off and the true colors shine through, with very few exceptions. And no, fellow liberals, you don’t get to pat yourselves on the back right now, because you’ve done the same in the past as Trump supporters and other Republicans are doing now, and you’ll do it again, as surely as every human being dies. I wasn’t going to post my personal thoughts on this, because I am not looking forward to my various comments sections and mentions columns turning into raging dumpster fires. But I have spent the last week reliving my own trauma, and I don’t need you guys pouring salt in the wound. I logged into Twitter this evening after Shabbat ended and saw one shitpost too many by a man I know. I am seriously considering where to cut bate right now, because so many of you have demonstrated that you cannot, and therefore should not, be trusted. You have demonstrated exactly what you would have done to me if you had read about any of my incidents of sexual assault in the media. You have demonstrated that, no matter how close we are, I could never come to any of you and tell you that I am having a really bad time of it right now, to put it mildly, because the risk of being mocked or laughed at or even just being told “It’s no big deal and you should get over it” is significant. I hope those clicks and shares and retweets have been worth it.
Current status: Reading the just-released national cyber strategy document by the White House, and rereading executive order 13800, which it depends on. So far, lots of heat and very little light. It’s very clear that whoever is advising the president on how this stuff works does not have a clue about how any of this works, which means that any good intentions which may be present will be canceled by the fact that everyone involved is operating in the dark. I have no idea who could possibly be advising on this, because as of May 15 of this year we no longer have a cyber security coordinator. If it’s Rudy Giuliani we are well and truly fucked in this arena.
The NFB is not a relief organization, and yet, it’s using Hurricane Florence as a leverage point to ask for donations. This is disgusting on its own, and made even more so by the fact that the NFB is already sitting on tons of cash. It’s shit like this that makes people hate you. If Mark Riccabono wants to help with Florence relief, he can start by being less of a smarmy little shit, eat a few less steaks and drink a little less wine, and donate what he saves to actual relief organizations.
Dear Mr. President: Just watched your Florence statement video. As these things go for you, this is good. Compared to the rest of the shit you’ve publicly spouted, it’s amazing, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For this at least, you earn no verbal rocks from me. I still think every one of your policies ranges from just plain dumb to absolutely deplorable, and I’m still never voting for you. But words matter, and in this instance, I think you did the best you could as far as these things go, so thank you. Don’t make me regret this by screwing it up somehow.
Listening to this while I write code and organize personal data.
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