Read Educators from C. Wayne Collier enjoy reunion by an author (The Fayetteville Observer)

Each time the door to the banquet room at Sammio’s Italian Restaurant opened last Thursday, a swell of laughter would follow. Every entrance was greeted by genuine warmth and appreciation — like a long-gone family member had come home.

This is so cool. C. Wayne Collier Elementary School is the school my mom taught at/drove a bus at/ basically lived at for a huge chunk of her career, and I’m glad they all got to get together and have some fun for old times’ sake.
Read Quillette Duped by Left-Wing Hoaxer Posing as Communist Construction Worker by Will Sommer (The Daily Beast)

“Archie Carter,” who pretended to be a blue-collar member of the Democratic Socialists of America, says he set out to humiliate the conservative site with his error-riddled story.

Something something glass houses and stones. There should probably be a discusion on the right about how all that media criticism could just as easily apply to conservative outlets, or about how conservative outlets need to be careful that they don’t do the things they accuse so-called mainstream publications of doing, or about how maybe the same “view-them-in-the-best-light” policy that’s applied to conservative publications when they fuck up maybe should also be applied to mainstream ones, but none of those discussions are going to happen.
Read Reform coming to Chemawa Indian School in Salem, say Reps. Schrader and Bonamici by Natalie Pate (Statesman Journal)

Kurt Schrader and Suzanne Bonamici visited Chemawa Indian School Thursday after almost two years of being stonewalled by school, federal officials.

Yes, residential Indian boarding schools still exist in this country, but (and I type this with the utmost sarcasm) yeah state-sponsored racism against Native Americans is totally not a thing and they should just quit focusing on the past or get over it or something.
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“Just burned 2,000 calories. That’s the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I nap.”