Welcome to the IndieWeb John!
It’s late, and I can’t sleep, so naturally I am playing with websites. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes, but for now, this is actually a really fun way to spend my insomniac time. I hope to help launch this thing later on this morning. Having sat here while it has been built, I think this website is going to end up being a very entertaining read on a regular basis.
Blogging in braille with the Orbit 20 Reader because why not? this is just a test post. I need to get bettér at typing in braille. My skills are rusty. I’m getting ready to leave to go over to some friends’ house for a weekend of fun before their dog goes for surgery and they have to be on lockdown in ordér to take care of the little guy. I may post later on unless we’re having too much fun. The weather’s supposed to be gorgeous for the next two days at least so we shouldn’t be interrupted.
Current status: Sitting on the couch waiting for the extra Allegra to kick in because fuck hay fever. Bright side: It’s not 198000 degrees. We’ve had all the windows open for weeks now and it’s excellent.
Don’t think, just drink!
It’s Friday night. Don’t think.
Welp snow day for this developer at least, because the power just went out in this building. I could probably find something to work on offline, but I’m not going to make the extra effort. Might as well take the unearned break.
No photos from the candy store since they didn’t have power. The most unique candy in the store was matchbox cars made out of solid chocolate. There was a historical penny candy section in the back, complete with candy cigarettes. I remember eating those as a kid. I got some small peanut butter meltaway eggs, some salted cashews, and some chocolate-covered pretzel rods. I expect all of it will be very good.
I’m just leaving lunch. That was a very thick steak. The Easter Bunny was at the mall today so there were lots of kids. More later.
I’m going to Altuna today to visit the original Gardner’s Candies. There may be photos later and there will definitely be chocolate. Gardner’s is supposed to be the best chocolate this side of the Atlantic or Pacific, and I will do some unit testing to go with the possible photos. I’m eating lunch before Gardner’s so I don’t go in there hungry. I don’t think I’ve been inside a candy store since I was a kid so this will be fun.