This is worth a read, no matter what side of the political isle you’re on, but especially if you’re on the right side.
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On Tuesday November 8th, I was in Amsterdam with Job van Achterberg. I did a presentation for Fronteers monthly meetup. The organizers of Fronteers had set Job and I up in a fantastic venue to do a couple of accessibility talks. It was a TV studio that also had a bar. Fronteers brought in food and I...
I hate Facebook chain letters, and I normally don’t copy and paste them, (no matter how guilt-inducing the originator tries to make them), but this one is (a) too good not to share, and (b) too good to live on just Facebook. Plus, I want to see if the Facebook will accept webmentions. From my friend Denise:

Copy and paste to your status if you know someone or have been affected by someone who needs a foot up their ass. People who need a foot up their ass affect the lives of many. There is still no cure for someone who needs a foot up their ass, except a foot up their ass. Please help raise awareness as 93% of people won’t re-post this. Why? Because they need a foot up their ass too.. LOL!!!

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