God fucking damn it, indeed. I’m calling this Tuesday’s internet win. This is from Twitter, and the optical character recognition of this is too long for a tweet, so I’m posting it here.

Washington DC
Funny getting hit by a car story: The paramedic
asked me a series of questions to determine
whether I was all there. The last question was
“Who is the President of the United States?” my
response was literally “God fucking damnit” and
the paramedic laughed and said that was an
acceptable answer.
1/29/17, 8:03 AM


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I hate Facebook chain letters, and I normally don’t copy and paste them, (no matter how guilt-inducing the originator tries to make them), but this one is (a) too good not to share, and (b) too good to live on just Facebook. Plus, I want to see if the Facebook will accept webmentions. From my friend Denise:

Copy and paste to your status if you know someone or have been affected by someone who needs a foot up their ass. People who need a foot up their ass affect the lives of many. There is still no cure for someone who needs a foot up their ass, except a foot up their ass. Please help raise awareness as 93% of people won’t re-post this. Why? Because they need a foot up their ass too.. LOL!!!

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