I’m just now realizing I didn’t install the GitHub greasemonkey script by Jamie Teh on the new computer and I’m going to pay for that mistake by having to sign in again and re-verify because GitHub does stupid, stupid things in their navigation menu, and as a result of this, instead of “issues” being clicked even though the screen reader saw that as the focus, “sign out” was clicked. All I wanted to do was leave a follow-up comment on an issue before the week gets started and things get too hectic, since time is of the essence on this. It’s too early for this and I hate you so much right now GitHub. If you were a person, I wouldn’t even share coffee with you. I probably wouldn’t even let you in my house. Actually, no, scratch that, I definitely wouldn’t let you in my house, and I’d strongly encourage you to go play in traffic.
Dear the Facebook: You are out of your mind if you think I’m going to buy your new smart speaker that combines the Amazon Echo with a camera that follows me around the room while I talk to my Facebook friends. Seriously? I mean, really, you’ve had so many problems with privacy and data protection and selling data to the highest bidder that I’ve just quit counting, and you really think I’m not going to go out of my way to persuade my friends and loved ones not to buy this thing? I think I need some of what you’re smoking because that is some high-grade shit right there. I’d rather chew on broken glass than buy two spy boxes in one and put it in my house.
I needed more than 280 characters to handle this. No, I will not shut up. I am not guilted by my synagogue into publicly practicing my faith for curious Christians. In the WordPress community I am treated as an equal and if people have questions about my blindness they work to build and maintain a relationship with me first. LGBTQ people don’t ask other LGBTQ people to publicly perform for straight people, let alone guilt them into it. People on the autism spectrum are still fighting to be recognized as equals and they sure as hell aren’t guilting each other into publicly performing for the rest of us. If you want to play the Meet The Blind game have at it, but telling the rest of us to shut up and remain silent because you don’t want to deal with the fact that we’re actually deeply offended by this is about ten steps too damn far.
Not withstanding my overall agreement with you on this specific issue or on criticism of the NFB in general, I think the assertion that the NFB has accomplished nothing is unfair, and the pollemical tone of it risks alienating the rank and file of the organization.
Area conglomerate of loud and obnoxious blind people has trouble understanding how standards bodies work and how organizations are represented on same. More at 11.
OK Twitterati, another long status, and this time it’s not a rant or similar. My ear is fixed so now all I have to deal with is the resultant headache plus some ear pain and dizziness. They used cold water to wash it out and I am still feeling like a whiny person and I’m freezing cold even though it’s 70 degrees so I am going to bed.
Sorry Twitterati, long status ahead. I just read the farewell post on the Freedom Scientific blog for Jonathan Mosen. First of all, the amount of ass-kissing going on there is stunning. Second, it’s yet more evidence of the “Good Old Boys” network effect that goes on all the time in the assistive technology business, and I think maybe it’s time we have a discussion about that in this community. How many average blind people working in the assistive technology field do you think would receive a fawning farewell like that? How many people working for Freedom Scientific support? And all of this says nothing about all the questionable choices Jonathan’s made in a professional capacity over the years. I think maybe we need to have some discussions about those too, specifically about the kind of public behavior we expect from our community leaders. In short, this whole thing feels very wrong to me and it pisses me off that, as long as you kiss the right ass in the assistive technology business, you can expect your employer, even former ones, to handle your publicity for you.