Hi and thanks for stopping by. My name is Amanda Rush, and I'm building a homepage like it's 1999. I'm doing this for a number of reasons. First, I want to own all my content and have control over it, and to that end I am constantly updating this site so that it contains as much of my data as possible from any silo I may have an account on. I decided to start doing this when I finally got tired of all the curated timeline nonsense and the social media design element that encourages us to be horrible to each other online for clicks. I'm not saying you have to join me but of course I'd love it if you jumped ship and joined the indieweb with me. In the meantime, enjoy my content.

Happy birthday to everyone else who’s celebrating. I’m apparently part of a merge conflict. 😛
They’ve changed the weather again, and now we’re getting snow. I wonder how much we’ll end up with?
Ending the day. Browser closed. Email about to close. Skype about to close.
So today is National Hug Day. So hug your developers and your systems admins today if they’re into that, or we will break your shit. 😛