OK, so the hot new Ambutech cane I recently purchased has cracked, so it’s time for another one, and so it’s also time for a rant about assistive technology and eCommerce. Specifically, why does every single assistive technology vendor’s eCommerce setup have to suck so badly? Most of these are running WooCommerce, and holy hell it’s painfully obvious that these installs aren’t up-to-date, that the themes being used do not have WooCommerce support, (let alone accessibility), and that whoever set these up knows pretty much nothing about eCommerce, marketing, or WooCommerce. This isn’t about one-man shops. This is about vendors who have staff, who have the income, and yet who are perfectly willing to provide their customers with a horrible user experience just to save some cash. Guys, eCommerce is hard. There’s a reason you’re not going to get a working eCommerce that does everything you need it to do for any less than $10,000. But trust me, it’s worth the investment. If your customers have an enjoyable experience shopping with you, (and this includes accessibility), they will be more than willing to recommend you to their friends and family and you will see more business for your efforts.
Not that I’m going to go leave this comment on the Breitbart website or anything, but there’s one huge problem with the so-called “buttering-up” strategy which Joel Pollak attributes to the president, and as someone who has negotiated my fair share of contract terms, I think I can comment on this to some degree. That strategy can work, if a few things are in place: First, you have to already possess a reputation for having an amiable personality. If you don’t have that, and you then go to the negotiation table pouring the sugar on as thick as you can, whoever’s on the other side is going to see right through that, and proceed accordingly. Second, as with any negotiation, you don’t show your hand before talks begin, and you sure as hell don’t hand over all your cards, (as the president appears to have done), before you secure worthwhile concessions from the other side. To do otherwise isn’t negotiation, it’s desperation to save face, and it usually never turns out that way. So I think it’s safe to conclude that the president, (once again) got played like a baby grand.
Read The Three Problems with the North Korea Walk-Out - The Bulwark by Andrew Egger (The Bulwark)
When the news came late Thursday night that denuclearization talks between the United States and North Korea had broken down without a resolution, it didn’t take long for the president’s media allies to arrive at a consensus: Trump had demonstrated strength by walking away from a bad deal.
First trip planned for 2019 and will start next week. I get to spend some extended time away from Augusta and I am extremely happy about this. I’m hoping there will be more trips than just this one but so far 2019 is getting off to an excellent start with regard to travel.
Read My Mother’s Daughter by Molly Jong-Fast (The New York Review of Books)
When my mother took the flustered German filmmaker to see her elderly shrink, I snuck into the bedroom and called my father who had recently moved to Palm Springs, California. “Did you know that you and mom had an open marriage?” I asked him. We had a sort of jovial relationship; we shared the experience of having a crushingly powerful parent and it was a sort of bond. By the time I was three years old, my parents embarked upon the hippie version of irreconcilable differences. As a consequence, I don’t remember them ever being together, which is probably a good thing. There was a brief pause on the line. “Oh, is that what she’s calling it now?”
Current status: Dealing with DNS and MX entry ratfuckery. I will be glad when this shit is working properly and this day gets to the part where I am doing enjoyable things. I think if I could throw this server off a roof right now I would. It’s going to drive me to start drinking. Oh and of course there’s the obligatory browwser/screen reader hick-uping going on because we just have to have delays between key-presses. And no, this is not NVDA. It’s the world-class screen reader we all know and love because this web host’s control panel is improperly coded so I’m reliant on the huristics Jaws employs to get this working. Never mind that browser support for anything other than Internet Explorer is pure unadulterated bullshit. Jesus I can’t believe this screen reader costs money.
This is worth a read for several reasons. First, for me at least, this is definitely “Essence of Convergys” material. Granted, we weren’t moderating content, just people’s prescriptions and who could get them, or rather, we were responsible for telling people whether or not judgment had been handed down in their favor or not. Second, I saw this on Twitter, and the general reaction I’m seeing is concern over moderators adopting misinformation and conspiracy theories, and nothing about what clearly is the toll being taken on them as people. I think that’s rather dehumanizing. The final thing that comes to mind is the complete disregard by the “anti-deplatforming” crowd, who dehumanize these people just as easily as the “misinformation” crowd, except in the latter case the dehumanization occurs because it’s far too easy to attribute malice to these people than to recognize that moderation is a very difficult job and God forbid you moderate something I approve of on a platform I don’t own.
Read The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America by Casey Newton (The Verge)
"I’m fucked up."
All three of my Apple Watch’s rings are full, and I’ve completed most of the work I wanted to get done today. I have a few things I’m putting off until tomorrow because I need to spend some time fighting with screen readers plus web apps but I’m not broken up about it. I have a very enjoyable evening ahead of me and I plan to enjoy every minute of it to the fullest extent possible. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.
Today has been a very productive Monday but it is now beer hundred hours and I am signing off until tomorrow. I hope to get a restful night’s sleep tonight. See y’all on the other side, and behave while I’m gone. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, or if you do, make sure you do it well.
I’ve spent the necessary time to troubleshoot where things went wrong on my site, and I’ve found the problem. My Hebrew Date plugin has had an incredible run, but it’s now finally time for me to rewrite the whole thing. This is something I’ve been planning to do for a long time, but the project has lived on the back burner ever since I adopted the plugin. It’s now to the point where, (if I want to use it), it’ll need to be fixed. There were already a few things I needed to fix, like the calendar drift, which is far too geeky of a subject to delve into in a short note like this, and there are some things I’d like to add to it in order to make it featureful enough for my needs. So it’s disabled for now and hopefully everything resumes working as it should.
This morning turned into a very unexpected case of Plugin Whack-a-mole. I think I have everything sorted out but it’s been frustrating. Kind of reminds me of manually reassembling display chains for Jaws. I will research this more later so I can nail down exactly where the problem is but for now I have more important things to do.
Installing some updates on a Friday morning, like you do. Trying to figure out why my feed went sideways. Looks like the Syndication Links plugin got some really cool updates, which will be fun to experiment with. I’m expecting today to be a light work day, which means I can concentrate on some of the backlog of tasks I’ve been putting off. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
Me: Goes to get some ice, which I rarely do. Icemaker: Not dispensing ice. Me: “Shit, icemaker’s clogged, time to take it out and clean it again.” /me begins cleaning icemaker. Roommate enters and says: “Didn’t you just do that a couple weeks ago?” Me: “Yes.” Her: “Wait, it clogs up if you don’t use it?” Me, biting my tongue because this is the most obvious thing in the entire fucking universe: “Yes.” Yep, this is me being all domestic and shit.
@chrisaldrich no, nothing’s gone sideways with the site, but I forgot to go add the rest of the post kinds to the menu once I added the static front page. I will go do that today. I also need to finish the custom archive template since I need a decent way to search through archives. Thanks for the reminder though.
Replied to Chris Aldrich by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich)
Did something go sideways with your site at https://www.arush.io/? Something feels off and it appears most of your content has disappeared?!
Switching playlists and quitting early. This has been yet another long week, and I need to disconnect from everything for probably a couple of days. I will spend some time over Facetime with two of the best people in the world, Wil and Denise, and other than that I think I’m going to stay offline as much as possible. Browser’s closed after this, email client’s closed, phone is on “Do Not Disturb”, and Twitter client on the desktop is closed. There’s a Valentine’s Day party over at the other building later today and I think I’m going to skip it because I think if I have to endure commercialized love I’ll need someone to hold my hair back while I puke. I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day anyway and if I really want to eat candy I can get it on sale afterwords.
First, I do not feel any empathy at all for Jeff Bezos, and my eyes are stuck in the rolled position at his sudden treatment as a hero and martyr. The man cheated on his wife, and, now that he has an opportunity to do so, is more than willing to play the victim. The only reason he now cares about anyone being blackmailed is because it’s happening to him. Otherwise, he couldn’t, and hasn’t, cared less. The National enquirer is hosted by Amazon and their money was just as green as anyone else’s, so he can stab himself in the heart with a spoon for all I care. Second, I am also not going to feel any empathy for the National Enquirer when Jeff Bezos gets done fucking them up the ass and then publicly humiliating them. Fucking with the owner of the company which hosts your web properties is a monumentally stupid decision and I am perfectly OK with NE reaping what they’ve sown. I’m just going to make sure I have plenty of popcorn ready and watch the whole thing play out.