As someone who prays regularly, I’d just like to put this out there. Prayer is not a substitute for action, when you are capable of acting. To attempt to substitute prayer for action when you are capable of acting, especially on behalf of someone in need or someone who is coping with overwhelming loss, is a slap in the face, and we would all be better served if you kept your thoughts and prayers to yourself.
That time you start your chosen work playlist, which is one you didn’t create, sit down away from the device to start working, and a song that you hate even when it doesn’t involve Kenny G. comes on, and then it’s the version with Kenny G. which makes it worse. Thank god it’s relatively short. I need a way to block artists on Spotify. When I become Supreme Ruler of the universe, adding Kenny G. to a jazz playlist is going to become a finable offense.
Today will be an incredibly light work day I think. I’m getting a very late start this morning and I’m still getting used to the drastic weather and elevation changes. I went to bed at around 10:30 last night and didn’t wake up for the day until close to 8 this morning. I’ll need to have my ass more in gear tomorrow but I’m not worried about today.
It’s a couple of hours before I have to leave for the airport, so it’s time to disassemble the electronics and double and tripple check that all chargers are where they need to be. The suitcase is strategically packed, which I have no idea why I bother about since TSA is just going to mess it all up anyway. Anyway, this will be a long day but totally worth it.
Current status: Waiting on the last bit of the laundry to finish in the washer so I can switch it over to the drier, packing, and of course anxious about my flight tomorrow. Also, testing geolocation service.
Today has been very busy so far. I couldn’t sleep and ended up waking up at 4AM. I was at the Department of Driver Services, (DMV in most other states), by 8AM and out again by 8:30 with ID in hand. Well, at least the paper copy. The hard copy is being sent to my address. I’ve finished doing my roommate’s laundry so I could free up the washer and drier to use for myself, started a load of laundry of my own, gotten in some exercise, inventoried travel odds and ends. I have a meeting at 2PM today and then I need to pick up some of the things I don’t have around here for travel, and then I can start packing. The day before travel is always so hectic for me.
I am really proud of myself. The cane saga I sort of ranted about the other day finally resulted in the cane tip becoming permanently detached last night while I was out at the Ed Turner and Number 9 concert, so I took Chris’s advice and ensured that I had some ductate handy while I was doing my groceery order this morning. That tip is not rolling anywhere, but it’s also not detaching from that cane anytime soon. The request assistance I needed from my apartment complex finally happend this morning, about two hours after I was promised it would happen, but everything’s in order now. There excuse for continually forgetting about it was “Well, you never really ask for anything.” Yeah, don’t you think that if I never ask for anything, and then I ask for some help, it’s really damn important? Oh well, it’s taken care of and I am having an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.
I starved my Apple Watch to death overnight, and I am here to tell you that if this happens you are absolutely restarting your phone because all your connections go to shit. I went to see Ed Turner and Number 9 last night at the Imperial Theater and they were amazing. Lord help them though they need a website because right now they have a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, and all their other content is published in newspapers and magazines, and they own none of these bits of content. I’m trying to decide if I have a large enough set of balls to leave them a message on their Facebook page. Maybe later. Right now I’m spending my Sunday morning waiting on assistance for a request I have made of my apartment complex something like five times in the span of four days and so far, despite an approach by staff this morning with a promise of assistance within thirty to forty-five minutes, no dice. I’ll provide more details later if it gets to that point but this has until tomorrow morning to finish playing out so I’ll keep those to myself for now. If it gets to the point of no return though it’s on then because some serious shit is going to go down and I have everything documented. However I am fast losing patience and it’s only a matter of time before it gets flamingly lit.