Of course this doesn’t include electronics, but for packing just the clothes, definitely useful, and not just for month-long trips. I’m going to try this when packing for my next one. Via Lifebuzz:

This video has no description, but the trick is rolling up your clothes. I think I remember my Uncle Chris doing this when he packed to go into the field when he was in the military. You’ll need to make sure there’s an iron available at your destination, and I’m not sure I’d recommend this for expensive suits. But for the casual, it would be fine. This will work for shirts, pants/skirts, socks, basically everything but any article of clothing that includes its own support mechanism. So basically, if you’re a guy, this is perfect. 🙂

Now this is something I can get behind. I’m wondering if there is something like this in my area.
NEW YORK (CNN) — Nearly 40 unemployed New Yorkers threw phones, smashed pinatas and played “pin the blame on the boss” Tuesday at the “Unemployment Olympics” in New York City.
Jobless participants gathered at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan’s East Village for the event, created by recently laid-off computer software worker Nick Goddard.
“It’s just a lighthearted event for people to come out and have good time,” Goddard, 26 told CNN.
Former employees, from laid-off hedge fund workers and bankers to people who lost advertising and entertainment jobs, competed in themed events such as the “race towards unemployment.”
For those caught in the economic storm , the event offered a chance to get away from the reality of the job market and meet others in the same position. The only qualification for participation was a pink slip.
Lauren, 54, who worked for a large advertising company before she was let go, said, “I loved my job … but it was eliminated. This is proactive. It’s positive and doesn’t make you feel horrible. Misery loves company.”
Jonathan, 45, who recently lost his job in multimedia marketing said, “It’s a little bit of a break — we all have to work together to get through this.”
Onlookers cheered as competitors raced toward an unemployment
booth and also played “pin the blame … on the boss, the war, consumer spending, the Fed and the economy.”

The wining “olympians” received gift certificates from local restaurants and bars sponsoring the event. Author Patricia King handed out a signed copy of her book, “Monster Boss” to one competition winner.
Jason, a volunteer who is also unemployed, said, “Networking is the best way to commiserate and know we’re not alone. It’s nice to get people together and have a laugh.”
While some people enjoyed the lighthearted feel of the event, others were there to blow off steam.
Faith, a recently fired union worker said, “You’ve got to vent that anger somewhere. This is a fun way to get it out.”
When asked which event she looked forward to, she told CNN, “I’m really waiting for the pinata. It’s my ex-boss. His face will be all over it.”
Luis, 27, recently laid off from an advertising firm, had a different outlook. “I’m pretty optimistic,” he said, “This event celebrates unemployment. Change is always an opportunity to do something better.”
The main site for the Unemployment Olympics is here.

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I put in my official two weeks’ notice today.
Well, actually, I met with Mr. Frodo and the HR director to see what steps were going to be taken now that we all agree that we’ve exhausted all options.
They told me to just resign.
Given that we’re dealing with some of the worst dissemblers imaginable, my guess is that there’s probably something slightly illegal about that, but at this point I don’t really care.
From where I’m sitting right now, my new job looks like the best thing since sliced cheese.
I know it will have its disadvantages just like everything else, but so far, I haven’t encountered excessive amounts of smoke headed my way, and the people I’ve dealt with have been up front and honest.
And, there won’t be any accessibility issues to worry about, which takes a huge amount of stress out of the equation.
I’m finally over the sinus infection and bronchitis I’ve had for the past three weeks, so posting should be more frequent than it has been.
I’m off tomorrow, and I have to work on Shabbat.
Fortunately, I won’t be having to do that much longer either.
Shavuot is next week, and I have to work those days as well, but this will be the last of the Hagim I’ll be obligated to work.
For the foreseeable future, as long as I give enough advance, I’ll be able to take the days I need off, and since I don’t take many days off as a rule, there shouldn’t be any problems.

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It’s a rainy, windy day here.
I’m still recovering from a major sinus infection on top of bronchitis.
It’s not even 08:30 yet, and I’m sitting back here at work, sitting at my desk.
I’m the only one back here.
Everyone else is up front.
I’m sleepy.
And I can’t believe I actually had to come in here, just to sit around.
I’ll be glad when the hampster wheel stops spinning.
We’ve exhausted all options as far as testing the software is concerned, so now we get to deal with the politics of the situation, hopefully as frankly as possible.
Division of Services for the Blind will be involved in these discussions, because they’ll most likely be helping with the expenses surrounding my switching jobs.
I’m hoping to have this taken care of within the next week.
I don’t have any time to move at the speed of government, and I don’t want to squander the opportunity this new job presents.
I hope to get back to posting regularly within this week.
God knows I have nothing else to do except hurry up and wait while I prod and push for meetings with the appropriate people here at work.
More later.

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When I got to work this morning, and tried to connect to the drive that holds the calls I’m translating, I couldn’t get in.
The system didn’t return any kind of “access denied” error, just a message that the drive could not be found.
I can access every other folder on that drive, (the drive I have mapped isn’t an actual drive, but a folder on a network drive), but I can’t get to the one I need.
That’s very odd, and, if this weren’t going on at work, I’d think nothing of it.
But, since this is the Cube Continuum, one always has to consider what might be lurking around the proverbial corner, (I.E., the ever-present knife).
Obviously, I’ll alert the appropriate people as soon as they get in, but this is just too odd for my liking.
I’d like to just file it in the category of colossal acts of stupidity that pass for normal around here, and award whoever managed to pull this off an Order of Moron, 1st Class, but part of me can’t help but harbor conspiratorial thoughts.
More on this as it develops.

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I actually get to come into work tomorrow at 07:30 instead of 06:00.
That’s so great.
I’m writing this post using Firefox, and things seem to be loading/working a whole lot faster.
We’ll see how the app handles all the windows I need to keep open throughout the day, and if it handles it all well, I just might switch.
I like being able to browse via tabs, and I’m not going to pay the $200 it will take to upgrade my Jaws license just so I can use IE7’s new tabbed browsing feature.
Now, the only thing I need to figure out is how to close a tab.
If I can do that, then I can use Firefox to read all the blogs I normally do.

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Today will be a light blogging day, because, (shock), I actually have work to do that will keep me busy for most of the day.
I’m hoping we can continue this trend, so I can call myself productive, and so I can save the blogging for when it’s supposed to be done, either at home, on a break, or in reaction to something actually happening at work.
It’s just weird to be sitting at work, blogging about everything else but.
I’d rather be sitting at home.
Speaking of work conditions, it’s 800 degrees back here.
I’ve gone up front to have a service request put in so the heat can be turned down.
I’ve also asked for AOLIM access, since that’s what everyone on the floor uses, and it would save me from having to go up front to ask a question.
I could just IM the appropriate person instead.
More later.

Right now, I’m thankful I’ve kept this LJ.
I could never post this entry at customerservant.com, (well, actually, I could, but I’d have to post it privately, because I can’t be sure John wouldn’t try to use it against me.
I’m completely sick, and it’s not due to illness.
They’re planning a major firing tomorrow, they being John, Merick, and Chris.
Rich Raymond, who has worked here literally since the center opened, is getting the axe.
No one’s telling him, they’re just going to let him walk in tomorrow and yank the floor out from under him.
He’s a good worker.
He’s always here on time.
He never breaks the rules.
The man would help anyone, and always looks for the best in everybody, despite his fondness for conspiracy theories.
On top of all of that, he has a wife with some serious medical issues, and he depends on the insurance offered by Convergys a great deal.
I can’t believe they’re just going to let him walk in, and then fire him like that.
They’ve been planning this one for a while.
Everybody but Richard knows about it.
Please don’t think I’m naive enough to believe that a company has no right to fire anyone who’s been working there for a really long time.
It’s not that.
It’s just that I can pretty much guarantee Richard hasn’t done anything to warrant this kind of back-stabbing.
He keeps to himself, and has always demonstrated the kind of work ethic you don’t see anymore.
The folks in charge around here have a history of firing the wrong people, for stupid reasons, and keeping the wrong ones around, and sweeping anything that isn’t quite kosher under the rug.
For instance, back around March, a woman named Corinthia, (also part of the concrete), was fired for passing out a letter with the information for fellow employees to get in touch with Corporate HR, because management had not only hired someone who had previously worked here and been let go specifically as a supervisor, (the written rules state that, if someone is let go, they can’t be rehired as a supervisor, they have to come back as an agent and stay in that position for six months, and then apply for the supervisory position), but to add insult to injury, said individual was fired for credit card fraud.
Corinthia was fired for passing out the letter, (the official ruling was that she had passed around a petition, and there’s supposed to be a rule in the handbook forbidding that sort of thing), which contained only the Corporate HR information, and the allegation, (she used the word allegedly when describing the circumstances of this individual’s rehiring when referring to the credit card fraud).
The next morning, I had to sit through two meetings on the matter.
(Me thinks they doth protest too much). One was with the Asc team, in which Merick told us why Corinthia was fired, that they (upper management) felt she was ready for several promotional opportunities, and that she threw them away because she got caught up in her perception of reality and felt it necessary to make up stories out of whole cloth, and stab people in the back, specifically him.
In other words, he ran Corinthia into the ground, in front of other agents.
That is totally unprofessional conduct, and a manager should know better.
When I said something to John about it later, he said that Merick “needed” to do that to set an example for the other Asc team members.
Not acceptable in the slightest.
Then, after that meeting, I had to sit through a meeting with John’s regular team, in which he told us the official story, (basically, the whole accusation was entirely made up by Corinthya, that Convergys would never do anything like Corinthia was alleging), (cough Michelle Cousare /cough), and that if we even talked about it, we’d be fired for character assassination.
Needless to say, all the “old-timers” confirmed her story, but none of us were going to talk about it out loud.
This should be enough illustration of the past history involved.
Anyway, back to the original reason for this post.
Rich has been on the shitlist for years now.
I know he’s been on John’s and he and Chris don’t get along.
So, it seems as though they’ve finally found an official reason to get rid of him.
From what I’ve been given to understand, there are a lot of people, including supervisors, who aren’t happy about this at all, including Rich’s immediate supervisor.
Unfortunately for Rich, this is a Chris/Merick production, so his immediate supervisor was skipped over in the chain.
So Rich gets to come into work tomorrow, not knowing a thing, and then get canned.
The whole thing’s just sick, and totally wrong, and evil, and this place is being managed by dogs.
Nobody in management has any right to talk about back-stabbing.
Oh, and Vernon got kicked off the Asc team, for supposedly being rude to a member.
I’ve sat on that row for years, and listened to him deal with stupid agents ad infinitum, but never have I, or any other Asc team member heard him become rude.
This place is so fucked up.
We have people in power who are intent on settling old scores, (Chris), and people so intent on climbing the corporate ladder that they don’t care who they step on to get there (Merick).
God, I can’t wait to quit.
OK, I think I feel a little better.