Now this is something I can get behind. I’m wondering if there is something like this in my area.
NEW YORK (CNN) — Nearly 40 unemployed New Yorkers threw phones, smashed pinatas and played “pin the blame on the boss” Tuesday at the “Unemployment Olympics” in New York City.
Jobless participants gathered at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan’s East Village for the event, created by recently laid-off computer software worker Nick Goddard.
“It’s just a lighthearted event for people to come out and have good time,” Goddard, 26 told CNN.
Former employees, from laid-off hedge fund workers and bankers to people who lost advertising and entertainment jobs, competed in themed events such as the “race towards unemployment.”
For those caught in the economic storm , the event offered a chance to get away from the reality of the job market and meet others in the same position. The only qualification for participation was a pink slip.
Lauren, 54, who worked for a large advertising company before she was let go, said, “I loved my job … but it was eliminated. This is proactive. It’s positive and doesn’t make you feel horrible. Misery loves company.”
Jonathan, 45, who recently lost his job in multimedia marketing said, “It’s a little bit of a break — we all have to work together to get through this.”
Onlookers cheered as competitors raced toward an unemployment
booth and also played “pin the blame … on the boss, the war, consumer spending, the Fed and the economy.”

The wining “olympians” received gift certificates from local restaurants and bars sponsoring the event. Author Patricia King handed out a signed copy of her book, “Monster Boss” to one competition winner.
Jason, a volunteer who is also unemployed, said, “Networking is the best way to commiserate and know we’re not alone. It’s nice to get people together and have a laugh.”
While some people enjoyed the lighthearted feel of the event, others were there to blow off steam.
Faith, a recently fired union worker said, “You’ve got to vent that anger somewhere. This is a fun way to get it out.”
When asked which event she looked forward to, she told CNN, “I’m really waiting for the pinata. It’s my ex-boss. His face will be all over it.”
Luis, 27, recently laid off from an advertising firm, had a different outlook. “I’m pretty optimistic,” he said, “This event celebrates unemployment. Change is always an opportunity to do something better.”
The main site for the Unemployment Olympics is here.

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I was reading through my LJ Friends page, and came across a post by a new ex-Christian.
She says she used to work for the 700 Club’s prayer hotline, which got me thinking about all kinds of humorous things.
Like, what would happen if I called and told them that I’m blind, gay and Jewish, and I’m so ashamed of myself I want to commit suicide, and I need someone to pray for me?
And then, wait a month or two, and write a letter telling my story, and now, thanks to J, everything’s peechy.
Yeah, don’t mind me, I’m sick.


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Could it be?
Do blind people actually experience most of the same sensations as sighted people?
The implications are quite far-reaching if this is indeed true.
It could mean that blind people are actually…normal.
Case study contradicts theory of optical pathway delay


Updated: 1:21 p.m. CT Nov 28, 2006

Déjà vu is commonly described as the feeling of having seen something
before. In fact, some scientists have long thought that one type of the
phenomenon occurs when the image of a scene through one eye arrives at the
brain before the image from the other eye.

But researchers have now found a blind man who experiences déjà vu through
smell, hearing and touch.

The man had déjà vu when undoing a jacket zipper while hearing a particular
piece of music, and also while hearing a snatch of conversation while
holding a plate in the school dining hall.

The discovery is reported in the December issue of the journal Brain and

“It is the first time this has been reported in scientific literature,”
said Akira O’Connor of the University of Leeds. “It?s useful because it
provides a concrete case study which contradicts the theory of optical
pathway delay. Eventually we would like to talk to more blind people,
though there?s no reason to believe this man?s experiences are abnormal or
different to those of others.”

O’Connor said déjà vu is such a convincing sensation that it feels almost
inexplicable to the person who has it.

“And because it feels so subjective, psychology, in striving for
objectivity, has tended to shy away from it,” he said. “But psychologists
have gone some way to illuminating things like the ‘tip of my tongue’
sensation when you can?t think of a particular word. We just wanted to get
to the same sort of understanding for déjà vu.”

O’Connor and his colleague Chris Moulin also study déjà vu through
hypnosis. They believe the experience is caused when an area of the brain
that deals with familiarity gets disrupted.

In one experiment they do, students are asked to remember words, then
hypnotized to make them forget. When shown the same word again, they
describe feeling as if they’ve seen it before. About half of test subjects
say the sensation is similar to déjà vu, and about half of those say it is
definitely déjà vu.

“It would be really neat to do some neuro-imaging on people during genuine
spontaneous déjà vu experiences,” O’Conner said, “but it?s very difficult
to get them to have them on demand.”

I and the people who sit on my row spent the last month coming up with this.
It’s all meant in good fun, so don’t anybody get offended.
I’m starting from Day Twelve, mainly to save myself some typing time.

On the twelfth Day of Critmus, my true thug gave to me,
12 bastard children,
11 breaths a-stankin’,
10 butts a-bumpin’,
9 niggas runnin’,
8 crack rocks poppin’ (none of us have a history with crack, so we weren’t sure about this one. No one corrected us when we recited it this morning, so we assume we’re good on this one).
7 sluts a-swingin’,
6 pipes a-smokin’,
5 shots of jinn,
4 gold teeth,
3 bags of weed,
2 diamond studs,
And a new Ja-Rool CD.

Oh yeah, and this one’s openly trackbackable.

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I was watching a documentary on the vices of the Roman empire, and a commercial for Avandia came on.
Some highlights: Talk to your doctor if you experience heart failure … Avandia may increase the risk of pregnancy.
The funniest part being the part about talking to your doctor if you experience heart failure.

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I found out something about my blog today.
Everything’s all squeezed together!
But my screenreader says it’s fine!
I’ll have to fire that thing for lying.
Seriously though, I have to figure out how to fix it, because I want to play the trackback games that a lot of the other conservative bloggers are doing, because it’s just plain fun.
So hopefully, I can find some nice sighted person to help fix the design.
The site may be getting a huge overhaul soon.

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Given that this is Holy Week for Christians, and given that I’m always game for a little religious humor, I thought I’d post this. This is from the Bible
in Ebonics, which, I swear, really does exist.

The Ten Commandments In Ebonics

1. I be God. Don’ be dissing me.
2. Don’ be makin hood ornaments outa me or nothin in my crib.
3. Don’ be callin me for no reason – homey don’ play that.
4. Y’all betta be in church on Sundee.
5. Don’ dis ya mama … an if ya know who ya daddy is, don’ dis him neither.
6. Don’ ice ya bros.
7. Stick to ya own woman.
8. Don’ be liftin no goods.
9. Don’ be frontin like you all that an no snitchin on ya homies.
10. Don’ be eyein’ ya homie’s crib, ride, or nothin.