Just read the NFB’s code of conduct, and I have a few things to say about it. First, the organization should be commended for taking the steps necessary to create a code that is thorough and is transparent about how it will be enforced and by whom. Second, anyone who wants to pick this document apart should ensure that they are reading the final version and not a possible draft. You can find the official version at https://nfb.org/code-conduct and I also suspect that this is the URL where any changes will be posted. Third, I think this code is a perfect example of the codes that other advocacy organizations as well as accessibility conferences should adopt,if they have not done so already. Fourth and finally, I am sincerely appreciative of being in a position to offer unreserved praise to an organization with which I mostly disagree. Doesn’t mean I’m joining up. But seriously, very well-done NFB. If this code is enforced in the manner that is laid out in the document, you are on the road to creating an amazing organization for everyone.
OK, this blind “Ask Me Anything” post that’s going around is “Meet the Blind Month” except for social media and copy/paste lunacy all rolled up into one package. Worst of both worlds. I wonder how many people are copy/pasting this out of a sense of obligation? Also, it’s one thing if one person wants to invite people to ask *them* whatever questions. But I don’t think blind people should be encouraging or attempting to encourage the rest of the community to take on the emotional labor of educating others. It is not our job as a community to educate. People are responsible for educating themselves.
Dear blind men of Augusta. Quit hitting on everything that moves. Your Uber driver is not a potential date, you shouldn’t be using your disability as an excuse to violate boundaries, and I will continue to block your efforts at every opportunity.