From the inbox: "Enjoy new on-board entertainment on Greyhound!" Me: Given the kind of passengers Greyhound attracts, I assumed we already had that.
This is my first post from the new mechanical keyboard. I’ll have to get used to typing on a truly full keyboard again, but so far this is fun. It’s my second birthday present from John, and he has a matching one. So it’ll be clacky clacky clacky all throughout the apartment.
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<p>Executive Orders (Jack Ryan, #8)</p>

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I am totally cool with friends who want to unfollow because they want to read different posts other than politics. I get it. I have friends whose tweets I don’t pay attention to for various other reasons for example, and I don’t take it personally when they don’t want to pay attention to mine. But “I don’t wanna get political” is how we got into this mess in the first place, and that applies no matter which side of the political divide you’re on. Elected officials need to be held accountable, and everything going on will have an impact on your life, whether you know about it or not. “Not getting political” won’t stop that, and you can’t make an informed decision when it’s time to vote if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on, before and after the campaigning. That also applies regardless of how you vote. None of us, (liberal or conservative), can afford to be single-issue or uninformed voters. My posts have gotten more political of late because I believe that what’s going on now is bad for all of us, not just liberals. Our president is doing everything the wait-and-see crowd reassured us he wouldn’t do, with a vengeance. And everybody who’s cheering this on is going to get a very rude awakening when their grocery bills get more expensive, because terriffs. So no, I’m not a fan of moving the country backward. But “I don’t wanna get political” is a form of sticking your head in the sand, and is the quickest way to not get what you want from your elected officials. And none of us can afford to stick our heads in the sand just because we want things to be positive or pleasant or whatever other means we use to avoid conflict and argument.