Guess who has two opposable thumbs and just learned that they can toggle the developer tools in the browser with a keystroke? That’s right kids, me. I’m living proof that you can spend every day in a browser with developer tools and still miss simple things.
I definitely agree that braille should be taught to children. But technology should play a part in that. Producing braille materials and storing them is horribly inefficient, and that inefficiency and expense contributes to the lack of braille education. If this isn’t fixed, then yes, braille will die out.
I walked over to the conference center this morning, and left the computer at the hotel because I knew it wouldn’t even come close to lasting the whole day on battery. It turns out that every row in both rooms where the talks are taking place has an outlet strip so that people can plug in computers to use to take notes, do social things, whatever. Consequently I will be bringing the computer and cord tomorrow.

Well, it’s very nearly bedtime for students, so I figured I’d jot down some thoughts before sleep. I spent a good deal of today getting some reading done, so I never got to the Excel assignment I need to get done before Tuesday. consequently, this will be tomorrow’s task. This week is promising to be long. I have classes till the usual 12:15 time on Tuesday, will possibly attend the second part of the Linux seminar I attended last week, and then there’s a meeting at Disability Support Services to finish hashing the accessibility issues with the Office class. I’m pretty certain I have a test this week and I think that’s Thursday so that’ll make Thursday long too. Hopefully next week will be at least relatively less stressful. I hope everyone has a good week.

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