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It would be great, truly, if people in the GOP were routinely asked to define socialism.

If socialism is the welfare state, then the GOP is a socialist party. If socialism means government ownership of all industry, then neither party is socialist.

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More Cuomo:
“We’re now having issues in the Orthodox Jewish Community in NY, where because of their religious practices we’re seeing a spread. But we see it, we know
it, we understand it – because we’re doing more testing than anyone else, and then you have to attack **them**.”

This entire Quomo situation, (and by situation I mean Quomo’s constant anti-semitism), is a thousand times not OK. Not even close.

And no Democrats, I don’t give a shit about whether or not you can point to examples just as bad from the Republicans. Same goes for Republicans being able to point to other bad examples from democrats when caught trafficing in anti-semitism, casual or otherwise.

Oh and both of you, your Jewish friends and relatives are not fucking insurance.

I am this close to voting third party because a pox on both your houses. I’m tired of all of it.

It’s like the both of you are playing hold my beer just to see who can one-up the other when it comes to anti-semitism and associated outrage for political points, and I am fucking done.

Jews are not your pawns. We are not your insurance. And we are not your help.

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GOP: They’re coming to take away our guns!
GOP: Migrants are murdering, raping invaders!
GOP: Dems will take away our religious freedom!
GOP: The Marxists are coming!
GOP: Rioters are coming to a street near us!

Also GOP: *We* don’t live in fear like you people who wear masks.

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Sometimes “sudo” is shorthand for, “This is my laptop, who the fuck do you think you are?

I laughed. Way harder than I should have.
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Conservatives and Liberals: We demand government regulate Facebook and eliminate 230 to make it liable for what we post!

Facebook: OK, we’ll update TOS so we may take your content down to comply with regs or for legal liability reasons.


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It’s pretty clear that the reason we can’t have nice things is because too many people are afraid somebody they don’t like will get to have it, too. Bonus points if it can be monetized to benefit the already wealthy.

This was too good not to just live on the bird site. So far it wins the internets for Monday.
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Me, in public: keep your things up to date
Me on a deadline: I swear to God I will binary patch the kernel to disable windows updates if it dares threaten to reboot my computer this week