Read The Fruits of Trump’s Arrogant Pride and Twisted Love of Fame by John Agresto

While it’s possible that the next few months will be merely bumpy but manageable, it seems far more likely that it will take everything in the arsenal
of democratic government—political maneuvers, legal battles, protests, demonstrations, public anger, and steadfastness—before we see the end of this.
And all because of an arrogant would-be tyrant and an overweening pride and a twisted love of fame.

Read Trump the Fly-Catcher by BRIAN KAREM

He offers lies and empty promises. What do his most fervent followers see in him?,In a few days it will all be over—or it won’t. And while it seems like Donald Trump is on his farewell tour, threatening to disappear or leave the country, the polls show things are still not yet…

ReadFinished Reading: Endymion (Hyperion Cantos, #3) by Dan Simmons ( )

The multiple-award-winning science fiction master returns to the universethat is his greatest triumph–the world of “Hyperion” and “The Fall ofHyperion”
–with a novel even more magnificent than its predecessors.
Dan Simmons’s “Hyperion” was an immediate sensation on its firstpublication in 1989. This staggering multifaceted tale of the far futureheralded the conquest
of the science fiction field by a man who had already wonthe World Fantasy Award for his first novel ( “Song of Kali” ) and had alsopublished one of the
most well-received horror novels in the field, “CarrionComfort.” “Hyperion” went on to win the Hugo Award as Best Novel, andit and its companion volume,
“The Fall of Hyperion,” took their rightfulplaces in the science fiction pantheon of new classics.
Now, six years later, Simmons returns to this richly imagined world oftechnological achievement, excitement, wonder and fear. “Endymion” is astory about
love and memory, triumph and terror–an instant candidate for thefield’s highest honors.

Read Jeffrey Toobin and the m-word: Let’s be honest about what makes this scandal so scandalous by Jonathan Zimmerman
Um, actually the scandal here is the fact that he masturbated on a work call in front of his coworkers and didn’t give them a choice about whether or not they wanted to participate. That’s it. That’s the fucking tweet.

Well, that and the fact that this author wants to just set aside Jeffrey Toobin’s, uh, history in order to try to make this whole thing look like no big deal and then shift everything over to “you’re just mad because you have hang-ups about masturbation and you really should lighten up”.

Jeffrey Toobin will absolutely keep his job, and his reputation, and all the rest of his social capital, and probably even write a book about how he’s been so oppressed because people were mean to him on social media.

That’s also the scandal. Not our mockery or lack of compassion, and not our supposed hang-ups about masturbation.

Read Twitter refuses to unlock New York Post account unless Hunter Biden posts deleted by Audrey Conklin

Twitter “has refused” to give the New York Post access to its account unless it deletes 6 tweets.

Both the New York Post and Fox know damn good and well exactly how section 230 works, and that they enjoy the same protections as Twitter and Facebook. But by all means guys keep playing the victim and going for that martyr’s crown for clicks. Keep insisting you have some sort of right to have Twitter and Facebook host your stuff in order to deliberately mislead your readers while at the same time exercising your sec. 230 privileges by not publishing every liberal response to your stuff on your sites.

At this point, I think these people should be given everything they ask for. No more Sec. 230. And they should also be given every opportunity to enjoy all of the consequences of their actions to the utmost extent. Have fun on an internet with no spam filtering, because moderation, along with liability for all the user comments you’re no longer allowed to decide you’re not publishing.