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“While it’s true that we don’t elect presidents to be moral paragons, we don’t elect them to be moral catastrophes either.”

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Be the people your dogs already think you are.”

This isn’t the entire tweet, but this is the part that stuck with me because I love dogs and I think most of the time dogs are way better than people. I think this belongs on a t-shirt.
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“Intent is all very nice and fine but it is not the be all end all of what happened. Just because you didn’t intend to be a shitlord doesn’t mean you weren’t a shitlord. I’ll accept it occasionally as a mitigating factor but in the end, you’re still a shitlord.”

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“SMH to all you people getting on "Meet the blind month" like it's offensive. Some of you are women, some of you are people of colour, some of you have autism/fall on the autism spectrum, some of you are LGBT… You get publicity already but you don't complain about that. Shut up.”

I needed more than 280 characters to handle this. No, I will not shut up. I am not guilted by my synagogue into publicly practicing my faith for curious Christians. In the WordPress community I am treated as an equal and if people have questions about my blindness they work to build and maintain a relationship with me first. LGBTQ people don’t ask other LGBTQ people to publicly perform for straight people, let alone guilt them into it. People on the autism spectrum are still fighting to be recognized as equals and they sure as hell aren’t guilting each other into publicly performing for the rest of us. If you want to play the Meet The Blind game have at it, but telling the rest of us to shut up and remain silent because you don’t want to deal with the fact that we’re actually deeply offended by this is about ten steps too damn far.
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“In July, several of our members traveled to the annual convention of @AERBVI to demonstrate our willingness to collaborate. Here is how our efforts were received, and some thoughts for the future. https://t.co/dq3H3I334N”

Area conglomerate of loud and obnoxious blind people has trouble understanding how standards bodies work and how organizations are represented on same. More at 11.
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Beginning #BlogElul

Master of the World,
Every journey begins with a first step, every climb
with the first rung. If I can not yet begin the
journey, at least let me turn my eyes and direct my
heart to the right direction.

–Lee Weisssman, prayer for Elul 1