Candlesticks shaped as the Tree of Life sitting on a glass-topped coffee table
An Astros win would make Baby Jesus cry. Pass it on. £RaysUp
Candlesticks shaped as the Tree of Life sitting on a glass-topped coffee table
I didn’t get a chance to post this when the picture was taken, but I’ve used these candlesticks three times so far and I absolutely love them.
John and I are setting sale with Captain Morgan. We’ve worked hard so we’ve earned it.
Enjoying some hockey with John. Catching the end of the Flyers game and then it’s Golden Knights win!
We are experiencing an absolutely killer thunderstorm right now, complete with extra-boomy thunder, and it’s been so long since we’ve had one of these that I didn’t realize how much I missed them.
I know August is gonna August and everything but 91 degrees is still too damn hot.
Brown and white peacock on a grey concrete wall
I should probably go add this to the appropriate check-in, but I wanted to start sharing these. This was taken when Wil and Denise were in town in November of what turned out to be my last year in Augusta, and we got together with some friends for dinner. I need to figure out why the location isn’t being parced properly.
Black and white polcadotted birthday card with lots of glitter
This originally came with plastic covering the front, and I didn’t realize that needed to stay on until I realized there was glitter on the front.

It’s now in a ziplock bag so it can stay with the rest of my card collection.

I tend to keep them unless for some reason they are damaged, and I’ve managed to get quite a collection going which has survived several moves.