Early Shabbat shalom to everybody because I am going to be fast asleep well before candlelighting.
The only thing that usually keeps me from recounting frustrating technical support experiences in great detail is I used to be the person on the other end of that line listening to customers rant about frustrating technical support experiences. That counts for something as far as karma is concerned, right?

Going to go order some groceries.

Testing while on the phone with WPEngine.
Reminding myself of this because I honestly forgot about it. Don’t click on WPEngine server logs while using NVDA, it will absolutely crash the screen reader and browser and you’ll have to close it all down and reload everything.
WPEngine is once again reminding me why I started the project to move my personal site and John’s personal site off of their platform.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re great if you want something you don’t have to manage and that you need stability for, like a business site, and/or especially a site with ECommerce.

But I’m fighting with Indieweb stuff again, and I’m reasonably certain that they still don’t have data on any of these plugins, so I’ll end up spending hours on the phone with them to try to find out why I’m once again having issues with only certain micropub things. I need to just get down to it and finish setting up the other server.

Just a quick test to see if WPEngine is blocking all micropub requests or just stuff from OwnYourSwarm
Windows open, first beer in hand. This is how you finish Friday.
I’m hearing rumors that the iPhone SE has fingerprinting as opposed to face recognition. If it has the storage specs I need, I think that’ll be my next phone.
I am on the phone with Sprint, and holy hell these people are the Hotel California of cell providers. First, I try to give them a lot of money, and they come up with some shit about having to enter the card number via the phone’s keypad because they apparently can’t take the number over the phone. Well, after the inevitable accessibility discussion, I get transferred to someone else who’s trying their damnest to keep me from leaving. "We have these other plans," "this other phone," "Are you sure there’s nothing we can do to keep you from leaving." No. I just want to pay the damn bill. Just let me pay the bill. Look! It’s money! You can have it if you just leave me alone and stop making my life difficult. I’m going to celebrate when I cancel this account and port the number over to something that has better coverage. Sheesh!