Facebook needs a feature similar to Gitblame so that I can see who adds me to groups without asking and then find and virtually smack them. Very rarely does being added to a group without being asked turn out to be beneficial, and my latest example of not beneficial is a group where everyone apparently compares notes about the physical features of women in excruciating sexual detail.
OK I’ve spent something like two hours in the Facebook tab, time for some quality time with a nice, soothing command line. The best interface is no interface. Pass it on.
OK I need to modify this script to make it a little more robust, for times when shared hosts time out. The script won’t resume from where it left off in paging through the archives, or retry the connection and that would be a problem for anyone else who wants to run it. Need to find some resources for learning Python 3 properly, looks like I’m in the thick of it now 🙂 I don’t mind though if it helps other people get their stuff out of Facebook and other social media platforms and on to their own sites so they can own the content they create and have control over comments, reactions, or whether it stays visible or not.
Welcome to Friday everybody, we made it.
I got Ditchbook working with Windows and WPEngine. I need to fork the repo and make a few changes, but once I do that I will be able to help other people ditch Facebook or at least have a useable copy of their content from there.
Advocating on behalf of the Indieweb is going to be a lot like advocating for accessibility, isn’t it?
Fighting with Thunderbird after just starting the first cup of coffee is not how I wanted to start my Thursday. Also, going back and forth with my host with regard to support from their end of Micropub and Indieauth. I just sent the specs, let’s see what happens.
Oh look! Bernie supporters are flogging his line about how 99.9% of his supporters are good and assholes are few. Sounds awfully familiar. Oh wait! I’ve heard Trump supporters use these same lines for the last six years, and spoiler alert: it’s bullshit from either direction.
Testing a micropub post for WPEngine support in order to try to resolve an automatic 403 from something else.
I almost have Ditchbook working for Windows. Just need to figure out what WordPress wants for mp-destination and we’re golden. I’ll submit some changes including one line of code along with some more instructions for Windows users once I see that I can actually get it to work. Hopefully this will make it easier for others to ditch Facebook if they want. With thankful acknowledge of Doug Lee, who has been infinitely patient while answering all my questions as well as testing things.