Update: the bullshit continues. Now one of the other misfit toys is involved and poor Ivan is mad that his account handles were published.

Ivan Soto
(Email address and IP address redacted, for now)
Why are you mad when ramon taught you a social skill, you were teaching him also though
Also why did you publish my 2 previusly owned accounts?
BTW: Please delete this post if you don’t wanna be punished, according to a dream which ramon dreamt.

And there’s yet another:

(email address and IP address redacted, for now)
Hey Amanda
I suggest you remove this post, it isn’t nice to write this way about my friend in your website, cause he doesn’t like what you did, at the same time you
are letting ramon to continue this without you even know that
Also: He told me everything about what happened, when I looked at his tweets, and what he wrote is true, and good that you quoted here
this is actually a social skill, blocking because you don’t have a responce isn’t a good idea, at least you might think of an answer.
Also: My Friend dreamt of a god and he told me that if this post is removed god won’t punish you in this world, also I told Ramon not to contact you after
the removal of this post.
you have 72 hours to remove this post, if you didn’t remove it with in 72 hours I’ll take actions against you and I might report you to the federal authorities.

The post stays up. If Ivan didn’t want his secret accounts made public he should have thought about that before he handed them to his little buddy to use as part of a targeted harassment campaign. The accounts have also been reported as being used as part of said campaign, (0171558765 and 0171987816 for reference). They’re also now properly linked in case anyone else these little shitbirds has decided to fuck with also has had enough and wants to report.

Now I’ll just pop some popcorn and wait for the sweet sweet divine retribution I’ve been promised. Oh and that super scarry legal action.

.@RamonSalazar_95 @showing_truth @Asemitic2 @PistachioNut2 @BooksRetweets @RSOfficial1995 TheRealSocialS1 This is the 7th account you’ve created in order to get around a block. I will continue to block you until you run out of junk email addresses and have begun reporting all of your accounts because we are so far past having any kind of discussion.

Ted you really should make sure to tell the folks in your office to remember to check the whoisguard box when they register domains this really is getting pathetic.

Area podcaster with a law degree who has never stepped into a courtroom let alone participated in a criminal trial would like to assure you that the case for Kyle Rittenhouse is nonetheless rockin!
Update: We’re now up to a week of bullshit on this, (see the comments to this post) and as of today we’re up to three shitbirds. Most of the first in the comments to this post under 6 separate accounts after the first one was blocked.

No but Kyle Rittenhouse (aledgedly of course) crossed state lines while armed and then shot two people at a protest and a week later you’re stil struggling
to condemn that as well as high-profile Republicans lionizing him.
Quote Tweet
Ben Shapiro
Verified account
· Aug 31
There is no evidence the Trump supporter shot in Portland was a white nationalist, or that Kyle Rittenhouse was either. The people burning American cities
are Antifa agitators and BLM rioters and looters (most marchers are not, of course, rioters and looters).

I’m using Chrome because I have Jaws running so I can use some of the more advanced stuff in Outlook. I’m waiting on the Firefox tab crashing bugfix to move from nightly to stable. And dear God I hate this browser so much. Everything displays weirdly, screen reader won’t drop out of forms mode when it’s supposed to, and the worst part is the Facebook mobile interface. I log in here to see what everybody’s up to, and something that is supposed to be stripped down, fast-loading, and minimalist is a series of nested raging trash fires. I’m not blaming the Firefox devs because I know some of them and I know for a fact that they’re working hard on fixing the tab crashing issue. But I definitely can’t wait until we have the fix so I can quit using Chrome for anything other than testing.
Baseball! Baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball!
This is a deliberate misrepresentation of why a bunch of us are upset at what Molly’s doing. A spooled thread because this is going to take way more than 280 characters.

None of us give a damn that Molly either has money or has a mom, as you’d realize if you took twenty minutes or so to read through all the recent criticism that people have posted.

We’re upset because Molly has decided, without any input from the community she claims to be advocating for, to appoint herself as the person who puts herself out there and tells sighted people everything they’ve ever wanted to know about being blind, because inspiration prostitution is good for the brand and keeps the sponsorships and money rolling in.

We’re upset because she deliberately represents the situation of blind people as one that’s full of pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, while the rest of us do the hard work of things like ensuring that apps and websites are accessible or even just trying to make sure that rideshare drivers don’t discriminate against us and get away with it.

We’re upset that Molly is using her influence and celebrity status to put us all in the very likely position to someday have to justify why a particular accommodation is needed when our bosses or family members or colleagues tell us that the problem we’re having isn’t really a problem because they watched this one blind chick on Youtube who handled it just fine, when really that blind chick has people doing everything for her so she doesn’t have to deal with a lot of the little everyday things that the rest of us have to work around.

And finally, we really don’t appreciate her fans’ attempts at guilting or shaming us into going along with the game because after all there might be the slightest possibility that maybe someone will consume her inspiration prostitution and decide to make one little change which could make things better for the rest of us.

Personally and professionally, I have a real problem with anybody who has the nerve to publicly paint us all in a bad light, as Molly has done time and time again.

I have a problem with anybody who has the nerve to claim that they, unlike any other blind person who’s come before them, is going to just handle answering all the questions for sighted people as if they’re able to take that on, all while doing this with people waiting on them hand and foot making sure their every need is met.

And finally, I have a real problem when fans of Molly and others like her go after those of us who criticize as if she’s above reproach. she’s a public figure. If she’s going to be the advocate superhero for this community she’s going to need a thick skin, and so are her fans.

No actually this is people calling bullshit on the “we need all the guns in case of government overreach” NRA talking point and pointing out the glaring inconsistency of people who were more than willing to brandish firearms over stay-at-home orders and masks but have been strategically silent when there’s actual government overreach going on.
Does every gun owner deploy this disingenuous talking point or was every gun owner brandishing firearms over stay-at-home orders and masks? Of course not. Not even most. But when a lobbying organization like the NRA or the ACLU or pick one is seen to be strategically silent when it matters, calling that organization, or the people who spout its rhetoric, on it is fair game.
I was repeatedly told that the problem was with illegal immigration and that all of it was about making sure that those who want to immigrate come through the door and not the window.