LOL this is hilarious.

I’ve managed to liberate myself from Sprint while at the same keeping all my Spotify data intact. So instead of Sprint just cancelling the account and leaving it at that, they’re all of a sudden sending me all the text messages about the latest greatest iPhone upgrade that I can of course get for small monthly payments on a bill for an account that won’t exist after midnight tnought.

What do they think I’m going to do? Call them after receiving the texts and go "I’ve changed my mind, I want to stick with you even though your coverage here is absolutely shitty"?

Just lol.

Stupid developer trick: Telling me to validate my findings after you receive a lengthy explanation of why using HTML comments as proprietary tag delimiters is a bad idea and why your onclick presents accessibility issues while at the same time asserting that these two things are completely accessible because reasons. #ThisIsWhyWeDrink
John and I are in agreement that today was really productive until other people got involved.

Once that happened, recursive ratfuckery.

We’re taking a break to grab some lunch, and then we’ll hopefully coast through the rest of today.

I saw something over the weekend that was billed as an online pub, and part of me thinks this is the best thing to happen in 2020 while another part quips that blind people have been doing this for something like 20 years with various voice chat clients.
Geting ready for Ohio State V. Penn State. Go Buckeyes! O! H! I! O!
This 404 joke regarding Trump’s COVID plan is funny, but also, note the accessible slide show.

The Biden campaign could have just gone with WordPress out of the box, and, when anyone said something about inaccessibility, not taken responsibility for it.

This is what the Trump campaign has done, every time they vomit out a new website. The Trump administration spent $3,000,000 on a WordPress website for the Whitehouse, and couldn’t manage to make it accessible. Hasn’t even tried. Every time the Trump campaign vomits up a new website, same deal.

The Biden campaign throws up a joke website, and takes the time to make that joke website accessible including an accessible slider. That’s one of the hardest components to make accessible on the web, and yet they did it. So everyone can enjoy the joke.

The Trump campaign thinks it’s funny when they mock Biden’s stutter, and they thought it was funny when Trump mocked a reporter with disabilities in 2016.

So yeah, I’m voting for Biden, despite the fact I’ll inevitably disagree with at least some of his decisions, because Biden makes his jokes accessible to people with disabilities so we can enjoy them like everyone else, while Trump and his campaign thinks people with disabilities are the joke.

Oh weird. Not sure why it appended to an older post, but whatever.
OK and , I have an official announcement.

John @whiskeydragon1 and I are getting married on June 19 2021.

There’ll be something virtual for those who can’t make it, and we’re still trying to figure out accessible wedding invitations because there is no way I am having a wedding that some of my friends can’t participate in.

We’re in the initial stages of planning, so we don’t have every detail worked out yet. But I am so happy and excited.

Damn it Braves why did you do this to us. All you had to do was win the game, but noooooooooooooo you spent all the time from the fifth inning onward stepping on your junk.

At least we get the Rays. So Dodgers and fans, celebrate now, because starting Tuesday the Rays are going to show you how baseball is played.

And Braves, go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

File this under: “Beer, Hold My”. Conservatives spent significant amounts of time, on Twitter and off, railing against Ice Cube’s history of anti-semitic statements. Now, apparently he’s great because he’s working with the Trump administration.

By all means though, let’s do another round of “But Faracon” or “But Omar!” or “But I have Jewish friends!”