John got me a new pair of hiking/work boots and a good knife for my birthday. The boots have awesome ankle support, which means I should twist my ankles less often, and I am happy about this. I’ll have to break the boots in of course, but I don’t mind this.

So now we have matching boots as far as type, but not color. They’re Wolverine steel-toed durable kind, and mine are black and tan with some pink. His obviously don’t have any pink.

We also have matching knives. They’re K-bar 1211s complete with sheathes.

John’s was sitting on the coffee table, and his brother came over with another person. I think we made his brother a little nervous. Even more so when he picked it up and took the knife out of the sheath, because it’s got about an 8-inch blade that’s very sharp. I derived more than zero amusement from this, but then, I can’t say I don’t enjoy making sighted people nervous. I suppose that’s at least slightly anti-social, but my mom as well as multiple members of the WordPress community have survived years of it and they’re pretty good sports, so everybody else should be fine.

Happy new year everybody! 2020 has been kicked to the curb. Let’s make it a good one.
Mmmm the chili slow-cooking in the crock pot smells so good. Can’t wait till some of it is in my tummy later this evening. Planning a lot more crock pot cooking next year. I’ll be doing a roast with all the trimmings for Friday.
Shoutout to all the geeks who are on internet-enabled appliance or toy assembly and configuration duty today. Merry Christmas to the rest of you.
Our friend Lisa brought over some cupcakes, fudge, and several kinds of cookies for Christmas. John and I have Beta tested, and we approve. Not sure how long these are going to last, but I’m sure we’ll make sure they find their rightful place in our tummies.
Playing around with a new weather API while I continue to wait for Google’s promised password reset link. God my email is going to be a trashfire.
So I’ve been eagerly checking my email all day for the password reset link Google promised me yesterday morning after I passed their verification and knowledge tests, and there’s no password reset link yet as of this writing.

But I’ll be damned if there isn’t a new invoice.

God these people are adorable. Hey we know you’re locked out of your account and all your stuff so we’re gonna ask you 20 really obscure questions about a credit card you used 10 years ago plus invoice IDs and we’ll send you a password reset link apparently when we feel like it, but you should pay us as soon as we ask for it.

I’m not kidding about that 10-year-old credit card question. There were several.

Anyway, I should hopefully be able to catch up on this week’s email next week.

Tonight’s photo almost didn’t happen.

John and I have been working on the new computers all day, which has been fun except for the fighting with Google over my mail, calendar and contacts part. Plus the AccessiB with Namecheap part.

We both realized we were hungry so decided to order something fast. I handed John his medium fry and said “Here’s your email.” Then I realized it was past candlelighting time.

Thank God Hanukah is one of those occasions where things are really flexible and the menorah can be lit until halachic midnight. Anyway, I got everything cleaned up and moved it over to the coffee table, and so we have a photo.

Hopefully tomorrow isn’t as hectic.

Current status: Waiting on a call from Google Workspaces or whatever they are now so I can trade the blood of a sacrificed virgin for regaining access to my account.