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Presidential alert indeed! I’ve been on alert with this so-called President since November 2016. I’m not so sure about the “you don’t need to take action” part, however, which seems a bit gratuitous going into the midterms. Syndicated copies to:

I’m quoted in this, and I really hope that the audit that WPCampus is seeking has the intended effect. I wish more that the audit didn’t need to take place, but wish in one hand and all that.
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Checked in at Bullen (Två Krögare). with Emil, Jessica map
Checked in at Bullen (Två Krögare). with Emil, Jessica

I’ve been spending some time browsing through this list of posts about the indieweb, and I came across this post that details how the first loosely-federated comment thread got started. By loosely-federated, I mean there was no closed platform involved, (*cough the Facebook*), nobody had to follow anyone to interact, people just read something, commented on their own sites with their software of choice and it all worked together beautifully. This is how the web is supposed to work, and it proves that we can have social media without handing all our stuff over to someone else so they can make money off of it by building their advertising network on top of our stuff, (baby pictures on Facebook, anyone), and then not allowing us to consume the content we create however we want. It’s really cool to see this kind of thing in action. It’s one of those things that you know on a theoretical level at least if you develop for the web. But seeing it actually work is so cool. The original post seems to have disappeared, 😉 and it would have been cool to see the swarm in action. But still, the potential here is amazing.