Glad to see John is posting these on his site again.
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I got sidetracked tonight and jumped into the rabbithole that is Pollen and Racket, which I’ve been tempted to look into for several years for simultaneously publishing both websites and books. 
In just a few minutes in a quick demo, I’ve been able to build a local website. This seems a bit eas…

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One of my goals in 2018 is to own my reading data rather than using Goodreads for all of that information. This will allow me to track information the way I want rather than have to do it like Goodreads wants me to.
My eventual goal is to have something like what Xavier made, but for now I’m going…

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For IndieWebCamp 2020 Online, I’m working at improving my WordPress IndieWeb Twenty Fifteen Theme so that it has some additonal microformats support as well as support for other common IndieWeb plugins like Syndication Links and Simple Location.
I’m also alternating that work with continuing bra…