Hi and thanks for stopping by. My name is Amanda Rush, and I'm building a homepage like it's 1999. I'm doing this for a number of reasons. First, I want to own all my content and have control over it, and to that end I am constantly updating this site so that it contains as much of my data as possible from any silo I may have an account on. I decided to start doing this when I finally got tired of all the curated timeline nonsense and the social media design element that encourages us to be horrible to each other online for clicks. I'm not saying you have to join me but of course I'd love it if you jumped ship and joined the indieweb with me. In the meantime, enjoy my content.

I bit the bullet and switched the server that’s going to hold all the Indieweb apps from Linode to Digital Ocean. Everything’s infinitely more accessible over there with regard to their control panel.

I’m to the point where I’m setting up DNS for the domain I want to point to it, which is the part I actually hate most because I hate setting up DNS so much.

In a super ironic twist, Digital Ocean’s domain control panel is way more accessible than Namecheap’s control panel so once the DNS finishes propagating so the domaon can be properly delegated I’ll be managing things from there.

The server’s timing out if I try to access it from the browser but fine for SSH and SFTP, so I’m going to wait for all the DNS stuff to get ironed out before I start digging into why this is happening. I’m hoping it’s because of a DNS screw-up. It’s easy for those to happen when using Namecheap’s DNS manager. I found it easier to update DNS via the app.

First app I’m testing is Compass. Hoping I get it all working this weekend.