Watched President Trump on Governors: ‘I Want Them to Be More Appreciative’ by an author from

President Trump talks about working with governors and says some governors are cooperating, but others need to do more and be more appreciative of the federal government’s response. ‘I say Mike,…

Here’s the thing, Mr. President. Every single governor in this country could tell you to go fuck yourself, in unison, and it would still be your job to do what’s within your power to help. If you want to live in a world where everyone kisses your ass, then you shouldn’t have run for president. Oh, and critiques of the job you’ve done are not evidence of inappreciation.

Signed: Someone who has to put up with complaints and inappreciation from users on a pretty frequent basis, (hello open source development), and yet somehow manages to continue to do my fucking job without being petty about it.


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