I’ve spent this weekend playing with a Linode VPS in an attempt to install my own copies of various indieweb apps, (Compass, Quill, Own YOur Swarm, ETC.), and I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for letting my server administration skills atrophy as much as they appear to have done.

I mean, I get it, I spend most of my time involved with HTML and the like, and not necessarily the server side of things, but at the same time, damn.

I intend to correct this deficiency. I’ve grabbed a couple of books on Ubuntu, (most of my server experience has been with Redhat and so I was never as familiar with Ubuntu in the first place), and I’m giving myself a crash course as fast as possible.

Once I’m a little more confident, (and really, now that I’m writing all this down I think that’s what it comes down to), I’ll move my personal site and John’s personal site off of WPEngine.

I think we’ll need to do that if we want to use Compass with the Simple Location plugin, and anyway I think I’d rather trade the inconvenience and often necessary calls to technical support and custom NginX rules and everything else I’ve had to do to get indieauth working along with other indieweb stuff for the inconvenience of managing my own server.


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