I still can’t get Ditchbook to run properly on Windows, so I’ve started manually importing my content from Facebook.

I don’t really mind because it’s far from the only manual import I need to do, plus I have the time off to do it, and it’ll be a nice exercise in deciding what to keep and what not to keep.

I need to find something that’ll let me read the location data and such on Windows for the photo import parts, but it’ll be interesting to map locations to photos and other past content.

I’ve still got to start on the stuff from Goodreads and Foursquare/Swarm.

We did some grocery shopping and got some treats for this week and we’re planning to do more on Tuesday, along with getting some Chinese to eat while everyone else is eating traditional Christmas dinner on Wednesday.

And as usual we’re reading books. I’m up to one hundred and eighty for this year and we still have ten days left to go.


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