I didn’t realize until right before <a href="">candle lighting</a> last week that I was on the last two, so I ordered some more this morning. They’ll get here on Monday, so I’m going to double-check the local Wegmans to see if they have some in stock. I think I remember seeing that they do which means I can order a couple through Instacart for this week.

I also ordered some of those little candles for Hanukah, because I have all three of the gifted <a href="">hanukiot</a> (plural of hanukiah, which is distinct from menorah, click the link for more info), but I don’t have the large one yet and I’m not sure if it will get here before Hanukah does.

This year it falls during the week of Christmas, which is just about as late as it can fall.

And no, I’m not going to get into the argument over how it’s spelled in English, since English is a transliteration of the Hevrew and there are multiple valid ways to do this, although the double K somewhat annoys me since Hebrew doesn’t have double letters.

There’s apparently at least one Jewish organization though that decided to troll everybody and take the opportunity to spell it eight different ways in English in their printed calendar this year for the eight nights.

If I find the link again I’ll share it.


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