We’ve finally reached the point of the year where things start to slow down, and I’m glad for it.

Well, at least that’s the case if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Data Recovery 2019 has begun in earnest, and there’s a new 2TB external hard drive to help with the effort.

This is good, because the old computer is finally complaining about hard drive failure and urging me to hurry up.

We watched the Ohio State Michigan game yesterday and I at least was pleased with the way it turned out.

We also finished the Dark Tower series. I’m not going to spoil it other than to say if you like Oy the seventh book is going to piss you off in a couple of ways. We’ve started the Alex Cross series by James Patterson because I think we’re both still sore over the treatment of Oy in the seventh Dark Tower book. It’ll still end up on the reread list because of the middle books but the seventh book I think was just King doing his best to destroy the dreams of every fantasy fan on the planet.

I’m putting in some extra work today so that I can hopefully have a three-day weekend later in the week. I have several project hand-offs this week so assuming all goes well after this week things will start to taper off for the rest of the year and I can hit the ground running in January.


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