Shoutout to all the people who are working today, especially all those working as Uber Eats and Doordash drivers, since they’re running "Tired of Turkey" and other similar promotions.

I can only imagine the kind of cajoling, enticement, or maybe even veiled threats that went into getting drivers to work Thanksgiving.

Shoutout to all those doing geek duty for your families. Be sure to block Facebook at the router level if you can, and at the computer level if you can’t.

Shoutout to everyone who’s spent all day cooking. Take advantage of the turkey-induced nap as soon as possible.

Shoutout to all those who had to go in early to your retail job because Black Friday couldn’t wait until Friday.

And finally, shoutout to all those who work the truly essential jobs, even on Thanksgiving, without which society would grind to a hault: Hospital staff, paramedics, fire and police, and the IT professionals making sure everyone’s internet is up and running as soon as possible should it go down. Oh and the people who had to handle Facebook maintenance this morning.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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