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This is what YAF said as it broke ties with Malkin: “There is no room in mainstream conservatism or at YAF for holocaust deniers, white nationalists, street brawlers, or racists.”
That’s a good ethos and YAF deserves a lot of credit for taking a stand.
The only problem is that it isn’t true. Mainstream conservatism continues to harbor quite a few people who accommodate holocaust deniers, white nationalists, street brawlers, and racists. The movement seems to think that, once the Trump fever breaks, these people will melt away and conservatism can return to its roots.
Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m not charitable enough to call this a good start on the part of YAF, because the fact is Malkin and her associates have always been like this, and they’ve been tolerated through minimization or at best no-true-scottsman arguments for decades.

Never mind that the reason this is suddenly a problem now that the white nationalists and holocaust deniers are going after the wrong people.

Anybody who spent any time as part of the online right knew this, and everyone who has joined it within the last four or five years has spent time rationalizing and excusing this while at the same time crying crocadile tears about how the left is mean and calls them racists for no reason.

And you don’t get points for finally quitting the rationalization when it becomes too hot to handle.

Are there conservatives who have been unfairly labeled racists? Sure there are. But in order for any discussion of that to take place, there has to be some openness and honesty about how lots and lots and lots of this stuff has been rationalized away or minimized away or excused, and what part all of that’s played when it comes to those accusations because I promise you I am not the only person who left the online right and have since become definitely left and who has also labeled someone racist after listening to them make the same excuses that have always been there with the online right.


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