Read The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1) by Stephen King (

In the first book of this brilliant series, Stephen King introduces readers to one of his most enigmatic heroes, Roland of Gilead, The Last Gunslinger. He is a haunting figure, a loner on a spellbinding journey into good and evil. In his desolate world, which frighteningly mirrors our own, Roland pursues The Man in Black, encounters an alluring woman named Alice, and begins a friendship with the Kid from Earth called Jake. Both grippingly realistic and eerily dreamlike, The Gunslinger leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

I’ve heard a lot about the Dark Tower series but this is the first time I’m reading it.This is only the first book so I haven’t yet decided whether it’s good fantasy or not. It’s not the worst fantasy I’ve read though so depending on how the rest of the series go it might get added to the rereads pile.


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