Read who-is-watching-you-in-your-airbnb by Jeffrey P. Bigham

Imagine you’re looking for a home on AirBnB. You’re doing your due diligence, reading the description of the home, and looking through the pictures. One of the 20 or so photos on the listing is: “A view of a corner of a living room. It’s really hard to see, but there is a little camera up in the corner.”

For me at least, it’s obvious we have a separate problem above and beyond the problem of “Hey we put a camera in the living room and are probably recording and if you mind you’re now a person we don’t like.” If you’re blind, how the hell are you supposed to figure out from the AirBnB site if cameras other than the stated cameras at the entrances are present? I haven’t stayed in an AirBnB yet, although I’ve heard they can be cheaper than hotels. I also understand that this is probably completely irrational, but frankly it scares the hell out of me that a host can essentially have hidden cameras in the residence and AirBnB is going to do nothing about it because technically you consented. I can think of several ways this could go very very wrong, complete with the online backlash when it does and somebody decides to complain or report or anything. So I’ll be holding off on AirBnB until this kind of thing is sorted.


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