Read Exit Through the Novelty Exhibition by Kyle Paoletta

Winnie the Pooh, destroyer of art museums
“I know you’re out there.”

On one level, as I was reading this piece, I was thinking “Man, seriously, how can you hate Winnie the Pooh so much, he’s adorable!” Well, he’s adorable, unless we’re talking about what happened when he met the internet. Yes, that’s an Angelfire page. I’m surprised it’s still up. On another level though, I get where the author is coming from. I completely understand the “get-off-my-lawn, why do you guys have to ruin everything” sentiment that seems to be on display here. I can kind of see both sides though. From a purely artistic perspective, and from the perspective that museums serve a very specific purpose, I can see how adding an exhibition like this that purposely leaves out any context and is merely an attraction to draw in younger visitors would be viewed as nothing less than some sort of abomination. But on the other hand, museums have to generate revenue. After all, nonprofit is a tax status, not a business model. I imagine that the Pooh attraction, as devoid of real art as it is, probably draws in at least enough revenue to keep itself going and to help the museum along with its research and other exhibits.


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