In actual “Internet of Shit” news, a smart diaper has been unveiled at this year’s CES. It’s a wearable that attaches to a diaper and sends notifications to your phone to alert you of the diaper being full, among other things. The intended use is so that parents and caregivers will act quickly so that babies don’t get diaper rashes or urinary tract infections. I suspect the actual uses are going to be quite different, as they always are with cool new tech. Also, maybe let’s not add data with babies in it to the mix until we have a technically savvy congress and a technically savvy president who can sort out some of the problems we already have with all the issues around data collection and monetization and access and consent to tracking, and until we have a public that is at least somewhat educated on some of this and no longer looking at this stuff as “Hey cool look what I can share” and not considering the implications of making decisions that involve all these data complications for humans who cannot yet consent.



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