Oh look! The White House is sharing anecdotes with no sources and playing fast and loose with statistics again, and topping it off with an appeal to emotion. This is called propaganda. But yeah, the media. If you’re still spouting the “But the media!” excuse I am no longer interested in what you have to say on the subject. I am done with the excuse-making for your preferred politician and I am done with listening to you whine because the media give you the pared-down stories taylored to you which you demonstrate over and over and over and over that you want through your clicks and your shares and your retweets and your quote-tweets. You are not helpless victims of the media you love to hate, you are enthusiastic enablers and eager co-equal participants in the thing you love to hate. And yet, every other day I read or hear some media-hater type preach something about how people think they are victims and it’s all the media’s fault. Well, take a good look in the Goddamn mirror because the people shouting the loudest about being tricked and being victims are you guys, and I’m done with all of it. Either start demonstrating some personal responsibility and discipline when it comes to the things you click on or watch or share, or quit whining.


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