Read You don’t have to live in public by AUSTIN KLEON

if I re-wrote the book now, I would encourage artists to use much more caution when it comes to using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
It seems ridiculous to say, but 2013, the year I wrote the book, was a simpler time. Social media seemed much more benign to me. Back then, the worst I felt social media did was waste your time. Now, the worst social media does is cripple democracy and ruin your soul.

I think tending to your own website more than your social media is always good advice. For one thing, regardless of whether or not you go full indieweb or full federated. Granted, you need all the indieweb building blocks if you want to add more semantic meaning, along with the social components, but the basics of owning the content you create are as simple as purchasing a domain, some hosting, and setting up your own website, followed by posting there. Of course this means you might miss out on the instant gratification of social media, and you’ll have to do more work on those platforms to get the word out, but to really have an impact at this point on social media, you need to put in that work anyway. It’s not just about using the right hashtag. I also think you can take a middle road when it comes to social media by posting on your own site first and then syndicating to social media, instead of posting on social media first.


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