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@arush Thanks for replying to this … months ago, I’m just seeing it now. I think I’m going to switch back to WordPress for blogging, still having trouble with the editor here and there’s not much support on Android. Also, the emoji tag system is cute, but not practical or flexible for me.

@ssawczyn @a11y4all If I’ve done this correctly this should reach you on and on Twitter. I completely understand about the editor giving you trouble. From what I understand from following some of the development conversation around it, the problems are coming from the javascript used to facilitate markdown composition, and there is talk about making that a toggleable feature until the js can be fixed so that it no longer presents accessibility issues. I could have some of this wrong and @manton may need to correct my recounting of what I’ll call an overheard conversation via interwebz. Regarding the tagmoji, I can see both sides of this. I completely understand how it’s not practical for you. I’m just now starting to play more with emoji, which is weird because I’ve had it on my phone accessibly for years now, but I’m not that familiar with the emoji keyboard and I find it difficult to find the exact emoji I’m looking for, plus I don’t know what most of them mean or even how to figure it out, so I just don’t use them that often. On the other hand, I think hashtags have become a problem, not because they can be used to organize things, but because, (in my opinion), they’ve been horribly abused, and it’s not just marketers or spammers doing it. Hell, most of the time it’s not even marketers doing it, because the good ones tend to keep up with the data on the subject and what’s useful/acceptable on each social network and based on that data will use them accordingly. It’s everyone trying their hand at marketing who manages to abuse them, and I’ve seen this most often in the assistive technology space. That last is based solely on my own experience and is not necessarily meant to be a general statement of badness, although every time I encounter a tweet that uses four or more hashtags I get cranky, and the more hashtags the crankier I get, until we reach ten (yes, that’s a real number, I’ve seen that from at least one blindness organization in the wild) and we’re at go-To-Your-Room-And-think-About-What-You’ve-Done levels of insanity and I start wishing I had the ability to ban hashtag usage altogether. The way tagmoji on seem to be designed is, I think, slightly superior. They cover very broad categories, and there’s just enough social pressure to prevent, (at least for the time being), people from abusing the system. The broad categorization is, (I think) a deturrent against attempted gaming of the system. So it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out, especially now that you can interact with Mastodon users via and I believe vice versa as long as you have things appropriately set up.


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