PSA: Do not theme your WordPress login with a plugin that adds literally 100 extra requests to every page of your wp-admin. Do not use a WordPress plugin to configure your WordPress install to communicate over SSL. Jesus Christ some people are bound and determined to prove the case for a necessary license before you can build things on the web, and it’s people like that who make me think this whole democratizing publishing thing is a bad fucking idea and we should just quit right now because there is no possible way for us to prevent people from doing stupid shit like this. Seriously why the hell are you adding your site’s entire navigation menu and search capability to your WordPress login? It’s a login screen and it’s very simplistic for a reason. I’m not opposed to customizing it, or rebranding it, but for the love of all that’s holy please do it correctly because if you fuck this stuff up and I have to come in and fix it for your former client, that’s going to get very expensive very fast, because I’m spending my time unfucking everything just so we can rebuild the site since they can’t take the current one offline due to its being the central location for their customers to find critical shit. Also, don’t hide admin notices in order to hide the fact that you’ve installed a bunch of nulled plugins and didn’t tell your client they weren’t yours to provide, because now I get to explain to the marketing people why downloading paid plugins for free from the Google is always a bad idea. I’m going to be so glad when I get to nuke this installation from orbit and start over. Sometimes, WordPress installs really do need to be put out of their misery.


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