Dear Associated Press: Of course the doors were unlocked. What are we supposed to do, establish a time by which everyone should arrive and then lock the doors so no latecomers can join? I would like to remind you that if we have to surround ourselves with armed guards and lock our doors we are by definition not freely worshipping, as we are given the right to do under this country’s constitution. Also, while I’m at it, dear fellow Americans, as long as religious freedom keeps coming up, when are we going to have an actually honest discussion about it? I keep hearing about how Christians are the most persecuted religious group in this country since they are required to bake cakes for weddings they don’t approve of, fill prescriptions they don’t approve of, license marriages they don’t approve of, place children for fosterage with families they don’t approve of, and greet others in December with a greeting that doesn’t put their faith front and center. And yet, I’d be heartily surprised if any Christian in America went to church this morning while having to think about whether the doors were locked so bad actors couldn’t enter, or whether or not their security guard was armed, or even whether or not there was a security guard. And it seems to me that the fact that we have to have armed guards at our synagogues for every communal gathering is literally the opposite of religious freedom.


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