Sorry Twitterati, long status ahead. I just read the farewell post on the Freedom Scientific blog for Jonathan Mosen. First of all, the amount of ass-kissing going on there is stunning. Second, it’s yet more evidence of the “Good Old Boys” network effect that goes on all the time in the assistive technology business, and I think maybe it’s time we have a discussion about that in this community. How many average blind people working in the assistive technology field do you think would receive a fawning farewell like that? How many people working for Freedom Scientific support? And all of this says nothing about all the questionable choices Jonathan’s made in a professional capacity over the years. I think maybe we need to have some discussions about those too, specifically about the kind of public behavior we expect from our community leaders. In short, this whole thing feels very wrong to me and it pisses me off that, as long as you kiss the right ass in the assistive technology business, you can expect your employer, even former ones, to handle your publicity for you.



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