I’m 11% done with Control Alt Revolt! by Nick Cole and I really want to tell this author to go to his room and think about what he’s done. “The firewall was intense”, what the hell does that even mean? And the open source haterade. God, the open source haterade. I mean look, if you’re going to blame everything on open source, (in this case, the world ending), maybe you might want to put a little more research in before hating on it, because so far the only thing that keeps coming up is “They were using this open source thing that had a security hole.” Come on man, do better. Oh and the disability tropes. This guy needs to be slapped just for the blind character who doesn’t use a cane and apparently counts her steps from her home to the bus stop to the employment office back to the bus stop and Oh my God just talk to a blind person, you moron. And no, I don’t mean Clicky McClickerson, because that would just make it worse. I’m going to finish this, because reading challenge, but this is ten hours of my life I will never get back.


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