Adding post link back to both the Facebook and Twitter copies of my posts because I’m adding some links which are important to this which won’t carry over to Facebook or Twitter, and, , (at least for this one), I don’t want to have to conform to Twitter’s character limit, and, (more importantly), Facebook, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to restrict listening for reactions to posts via third party apps, along with publishing to Facebook via third party apps. What this means in plain English is that I can no longer import comments on and reactions to the content I’m currently able to post to Facebook back to my own site. Another casualty here is that you have to log into Facebook, even to see public posts. I suspect that, along with the personal effects this will and already is having, (listening is already disabled and publishing will be disabled as of August 1), this will also effect businesses, especially those who only have a Facebook page and no website from which content originates. I also wouldn’t be surprised if these decisions get ported over to Instagram. You already can’t publish via third party app to Instagram, but for now you can see Instagram content if you’re not logged in, I think. But I think it’s only a matter of time before Facebook, (which owns Instagram), restricts content to logged-in users as well. This definitely isn’t open web, and as far as I’m concerned it’s an attempt to literally lock us all into Facebook as the internet. If you’re a business who relies solely on Facebook to do your marketing, or anything else they own, (Instagram, Whatsapp, ETC), you’ll seriously want to consider having at least a basic website on which to host your content. Between Facebook’s ever-changing content curation and advertising algorithums wreaking havoc on small operations left, right, and center, its ever-changing rules surrounding advertising, and the fact that Facebook is losing younger users at an astronomical rate and losing trust almost as fast, using it as the only content platform for your business, or even the one you put the most time in, isn’t a smart move. Digital sharecropping has never been a smart move, because closed platforms that you don’t own, (like your Facebook page), don’t give a damn about you or your business unless they can make a profit off of you, and all the complaining and petitions in the world aren’t going to change this. There is noone and nothing to hold them or anyone else accountable for any of their activities, especially here in the US. I build websites as part of my job, but this isn’t about my own marketing. I would literally rather you go with a cheap plan than use Facebook or something owned by Facebook or any other closed platform you don’t own as your primary platform for your personal stuff or your business stuff. Granted, self-hosted WordPress or Drupal or any other content management system offers you a lot more options for functionality and design than something like But at least with you still own your content, and you have the option of moving at some point in the future. If you’re using Facebook or some other closed platform, (Twitter, Instagram, Squarespace, Wix, Google’s free pages, Youtube), as the sole or primary means of serving your content and thereby your customers or clients, you or your business are ultimately going to lose, and that huge investment of time and possibly money is going to go down the drain.


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