Sorry Twitterati, long status, but if you use Selective Tweets or you publish your tweets directly to Facebook, this is important so you’ll want to click. As of August 1, 2018, Facebook will be deprecating the publish_actions permission for its login API. In plain English, this means that third parties, (namely me), will no longer be able to publish posts as logged-in users, meaning that I will no longer be able to publish to Facebook from my website. I suspect this will effect apps like Selective Tweets as well, along with Twitter’s publish-to-Facebook feature. Consequently, I will be leaving Facebook by August 1. I believe this action on the part of Facebook is actively hostile toward users and developers, and I’m not willing to be quite literally walled in to their platform with regard to my content. This is coming to Twitter also, and as soon as I’m alerted to the date on which that particular hammer is going to fall, I’ll be leaving Twitter as well. In a lot of ways, this will make my life a lot easier. I’m still exploring the best ways to let people who wish to do so keep up with my updates in a way that is as convenient for them as possible. I’ll lay out some options, and you can chime in from the comments on Facebook or Twitter. First, RSS. This is the easiest to do, but most people aren’t familiar with RSS readers, and the learning curve will be too steep or too time-consuming for some. So I’ll make it available for those who want to use it but don’t expect that everyone will. An email list or several email lists are also an option, possibly one for personal updates, one for tech, one for politics, one for short and one for long posts, as well as a firehoze of everything. Still sorting out how I want to go about this part, but the up side for those who aren’t tech savvy or who don’t want to spend all day screwing around with their phones or computers will be able to have the luxury of simply using their email. I will likely enable commenting by email as well so people can simply reply to the email they receive with their comments. Regardless of how this technically shakes out though, Facebook can kiss my ass. If it wants to take the “My way or the highway” approach, I’m choosing the highway and will be glad to not let the door hit me on the way out.



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