just wondered if you tried to get your hands on the braille haggadah. Jewish Braille institute seems to be very spotty about what you can and can’t get, but if you haven’t discovered them, it’s worth looking.
I am a reformed jew, and was told that they didn’t have enough money to braille the prayer book our synagogue used even though it’s a rather popular book.
oh well, just wanted to say hi. Enjoy your jewdaism. It must be a wonderful thing to discover the religion. Because I was born jewish, I think I don’t ask nearly as many questions about why7 we do what we do or believe what we believe. I sometimes suspect that people who convert probably know more than I do about the faith because they have to study so much for it. I feel the same way about american citizenship however. I suspect, if I had to take the test for becoming a citizen of the us, I would fail.
thanks for listening to me babble.