Dear everyone fearmongering about sharia, or spreading the same, and then claiming to love and be supportive of the Jews. I encourage you to find out how similar sharia and Halachah (Jewish law) are. Hint: Extremely. Then, re-evaluate your sharia fearmongering.


  • There are definitely differences, but Halachah and sharia are very similar. Some examples: laws governing commerce, laws governing financial transactions and interest, and yes, the penal code. Most of the things decried by the “creeping sharia” crowd are things common to both systems. None of this is to say that practices in either community are immune from criticism. But it needs to be done intelligently, and if time is spent holding sharia up as a complete bogyman, then there’s no room to criticize what’s actually worth criticizing.

  • You’re missing something, because far more than a dozen people recognize the similarities between the two systems. Most of Israel’s Jewish population, (which is comprised of Jews of Middle-Eastern and not European heritage), recognizes the similarities. This is why the state of Israel tends to take a much more nuanced approach when it comes to practices that are banned and how said bans are enforced, while accommodating practices that aren’t harmful when it comes to Muslims, as well as the Haredi sector of the Jewish population.

  • I should probably add to this conversation that what prompted this post is a couple of things: (1) the general ignorance I specifically referenced, and (2) the fact that the typical “creeping sharia” adherent also tends to support things like the Temple Institute in Israel as well as the supposed reconstituted Sanhedrin. (this is a generalized statement and does not apply in all cases). The problem here is twofold: Assuming the Temple Institute and reconstituted Sanhedrin are successful, (and by “successful” I mean that they manage to have everything ready for when either the Messiah comes, or that they sway enough popular opinion in Israel to turn the government completely halachic), every aspect of Torah law, including the penal code, then becomes in force. And one of the chief differences between Jewish and Islamic law is that, while Islamic law provides for an incredible amount of leniency when it comes to corporal and capital punishment, Jewish law does not. And I would rather see critics of Muslim practice take a nuanced approach to Islamic law, criticize appropriately and accommodate approapriately, far more than watching while Islamic law gets unnecessarily raked over the coals while Halachah gets basically a free pass when it embodies, (in some cases literally word-for-word), the same practices and concepts. I realize this is social media, and therefore what the hell am I doing trying to spark a nuanced discussion of what is admittedly an extremely fine point, but there it is.


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