heh…well, I’ll keep my inherent scorn of religion out of here. The notion of two blind people coupling being “wrong” is an interesting one..usually I hear other variants of this that make a bit more logical sense, even though I don’t much agree with them. Two reasons I could think of off the top of my head are that it further stereotypes the blind as an isolationist group, something which my first girlfriend’s parents were very adamant about preventing, and that, if two blind people with possible genetic conditions mate and produce offspring, said offspring are much more likely to be blind themselves (and this, of course, is highly undesirable). On the other hand, a blind person could be perceived as a burden on a sighted individual by others, whereas two blindies together are usually perceived as being “cute”, and “made for each other”. SO really, it can work both ways. It shouldn’t really affect one’s choice of partner, obviously, but I suppose it inevtiably does sometimes.