Whilst meeting Ray down in NC, I also had the esteemed pleasure of meeting up with Homer. Another thing he believes in, a blind person should not couple with another blind person for life. If two blind people got together and decided to marry, or whatever, they’re both going to be more dependent on others, where-as if a blind person does the right thing and marry’s a sighted person, then the blind person will have someone to take care of them forever and always.
Yet, on the other hand, regarding his so-called Christian beliefs, or whatever, it’s okay for a blind person to enjoy such things as premarital or extra-marital sex, and such that is considered sinful in God’s eyes, because we poor blind folks have it bad enough as it is, so it’s okay for us to enjoy our sins more than it is for others?
I will say this though, in his defense. He may be an annoying pain in the rear, but, think he does have a good heart, and that at times, his heart is in the right place at times. And, like Amanda has said, he has his uses.
All we can do is just pray that one day, this poor misguided lamb will one day see the light, even if it may mean truly facing the dark. Amen?