Well, while I’ll admit there are plenty of valid points from an ideological standpoint made here, I think this is the same kind of emotional string-pulling we saw to justify the US’s invasion of Iraq. How the Palestinians treat adulterous women shouldn’t be at issue here, and while we can both agree that it’s reprehensible it’s a matter of culture which I don’t believe we have any right to truly condemn. Now I realize that’s probably going to open a whole separate can of worms, and I want to stay somewhat on topic. There’s obviously a hell of a lot of passion on the Palestinian side of this issue, and while it’s easy for us to gape at pictures of Palestinians cheering at American demise, they feel perfectly justified in such an action because in their eyes they’ve been wronged by America just as they have been wronged by Israel. I don’t think the answer is to start shifting support to the Palestinians, but a blanket support of Israel’s militaristic policies will only exasserbate the conflict and continue to highlight America as a future target. Hmm, more later, perhaps.

I didn’t realize you were a former christian. That’s really interesting, actually. My parents were also catholics, though I don’t think they can really call themselves that nowadays as my mother does not seem to care much for religion and my father considers it to be a private matter. I can’t really call myself an ex-christian, because I wasn’t really ever a full believer, and once I came to understand what faith really meant I completely lost all desire for it. How did you come to the decision to convert?