I’m planning to purchase myself a netbook for business purposes hopefully in the near future, as soon as I pin down what model will be most useful in my situation. 
I’ve heard a lot of negative talk on them, and I suppose that if you assume that they’ll be a replacement for the laptop or desktop, then, yes, you’d be sorely disappointed once you see that the netbook isn’t going to live up to that. 
But for basic things like internet and email and storage of documents, maybe a little browsing, (I.E., on the go things), I think they’ll be fine. 
Thanks davewiner for the link.

By Christian Zibreg   
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 11:31

Chicago (IL) – The world’s #3 PC manufacturer plans on releasing a 10.2” netbook and an all-in-one desktop computer, which will go head-to-head with Asus and Apple. The company said that the netbook, scheduled for a 2009 release, is meant to take on  Asus’ popular Eee netbooks, adding that its system will be “different.” There is no confirmation on Acer’s low-cost all-in-one desktop, which is expected to compete with both the iMac and Asus’ touch-enabled Eee Top system, but sources claim that this PC is prepared for launch as well.

The new netbook will expand the company’s netbook offering, which currently consists of just one product, the 8.9” Aspire One, arguably one of the most compelling products of its kind currently on the U.S. market. However, some vendors have begun phasing out 7”, 8”, and 9” displays in favor of 10.2” devices with a horizontal screen resolution of 1024 pixels. Since most web pages are optimized for this width, a 10.2” netbook lets users view entire the width of a web page without horizontal scrolling. Among others, Asus recently said it has no plans to offer a 7” screen EeePC in the future due to declining demand.

 Acer’s officials confirmed that the company will release a 10.2” netbook to better compete with netbooks from its closest rival Asus. Acer noted that the system will be “different” from similar systems offered by Asus. People familiar with the matter claim that the Intel Atom powered system will be branded as an N-series netbook. It will come with Vista pre-installed and will support hard drives with up to 320 GB of storage space. Pricing is expected to be in the $500, up about $100 – $150 from the current Aspire One.

Acer said that it plans on selling six million Aspire One units for 2008, compared with Asus’ five million EeePC estimate.
Unconfirmed reports also expect Acer to launch a low-cost all-in-one desktop system to compete with Apple’s iMac sometime next year. The system will also challenge Asus, whose touch-enabled Eee Top will head into low-end iMac territory as well. Earlier this year, Asus announced plans to expand the Eee brand beyond the netbook.

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