I don’t usually go for hyper-Messianism, but I think the above title can serve as an apt acronym, for grand old government.
I just checked my Yahoo! mail, and found a response from DSB.
The verdict?
They don’t get involved in discrimination disputes, and I can find information concerning the ADA online.
“…The Agency does not get involved in discrimination complaints. We are involved with the employer while an individual is in training, up until the
consumer has worked successfully for 90 days and the case is closed.”
I’m trying not to be bitter about this, really, I am.
The agency says they don’t deal.
The client says their db_interface prior to the latest upgrade and builds isn’t compiled.
It’s a web-based interface!
You don’t compile those!
Even if you did, you can’t tell me, and expect me to believe, that the source code is just gone.
Sick and tired doesn’t even cover this anymore.
I’d really like to strangle someone, and I think I could be really indiscriminate about it right now.
I’m trying not to lose my cool over this.
I don’t even know what to say anymore.
How is it that idiots manage to get promoted according to the level of their incompetence again?
And how exactly did the Peter Principle get turned into a business and governmental model?



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