A quick thought on handling reposts on my own site, and because I can, screw Twitter’s character limit. Twitter calls these retweets, and Facebook calls these shares, as in: “Amanda shared Amy’s post.” Short version: Twitter supports syndicating reposts, while Facebook does not. This means I can repost a copy of something on my own site, but if I want friends on Facebook to know I’ve reposted/shared it, I have to do the repost again from Facebook. Corporate web for the lose.


  • To add some weight to this, the rest of the web calls the content types I’ve mentioned in this post microformats 2, and they’ve been around since before at least 2012. You can read all about them, as well as see some examples of what they look like, here. While I understand that it’s not in the interest of closed platforms like Twitter and Facebook and Goodreads ETC. to support microformats 2 or at least microformats 1, and I understand why it’s not in their interest, it’s still shameful that they’d rather support their own proprietary things instead of supporting open web standards. I should be used to this because accessibility, but still.


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