So about that Jewish community center in Georgia that received a bomb threat today. It wasn’t mine, it’s in Columbus and I’m in Augusta, which are at opposite ends of the state. But it’s a very tiny one, in a small town that has one or two institutions where all the Jews in the area congregate, blurring denominational lines in a lot of cases, because there aren’t enough Jews to support multiple communities. This Sunday is Purim, and I am considering attending prayers at my local Chabad House, because hearing the megillah is a mitzvah, (and I really should do more of those), community, celebrating with other Jews, ETC., and I now need to add whether or not the possibility of a bomb threat or similar is an acceptable risk to those considerations. Not that this is a new thing. It happens to Muslims, and to people who might look like they’re “Muslim”, and anybody else who is not straight, white, and an acceptable form of Christian. None of this is OK. I had very little empathy or simpathy for Trump supporters and Trump voters before this. I have zero now. You guys opened this door, and there isn’t a violin small enough for the Trump voters who are now whining because they’re being ostricized. I think ostricism is an incredibly small price to pay.


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